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Make Dad Happy with These Painless Shaving Solutions!

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and is a great day to remember and or appreciate your father and show them a little extra love. Sometimes it seems really hard to pick out the right gift. I usually find myself searching online for hours and at the end still not sure what I am going to buy. And it's not that I don't know my father well, he is the manly man kind of guy and it seems difficult sometimes finding things that he doesn't have that he would truly enjoy. I was excited when I came across this Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver because I am pretty sure my dad has the same electric razor that he has been using since the 90s…possibly the 80s!  I was certain that needed to be replaced. What a great idea something he will use a lot and enjoy!

Panasonic ES8243A shaverThe Panasonic ES8243A Men’s 4-Blade Wet/Dry Electric Shaver is a amazing gift.  Not only will this give a extremely close shave but it’s so simple to use and clean. The Panasonic ES8243A has a easy to read digital liquid crystal display that indicates battery charge level by 10 steps and has cleaning reminders. To clean you simply hold the razor under running water and activate the Turbo mode. The razor accelerates up to 17,000 RPM and vibrates off any remaining whiskers. This Panasonic Razor also comes equipped with a convenient travel case for the man on the go.

My dad was amazed how close of a shave the Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver gave him and the length of time the battery held a charge, you can expect about 45 mins of use. Nanotechnology is used to polish the industry’s sharpest 30-degree blades to give that close shave. It also operates at 13,000 rpm to cut through the thickest of beards…my Dads nick name is Fuzzy so if you can imagine the power of this shaver really came in handy. It is also a wet/dry shaver which allows you to use it in the shower as well which is a convenient feature. Overall my dad is extremely happy with this shaver and looks forward to using it for many years to come.

After I solved the dilemma of what to get my father, I then had to decide what to get the father of my little man. I thought why not stick with the same concept for him and give him the Boots No7 Men Calming Anti-friction Shave gel, Boots No7 Men Calming post shave Recovery, and Boots No7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense Moisturizer. I am a huge fan of all the Boots products I have tried in the past and was pretty certain that Jake would enjoy the men's products as well. 
No7 Calming Anti friction shave gel

Boots No7 Men Calming Anti-friction Shave Gel is for sensitive skin and is hypo-allergenic and gives you a great hydrated smooth shave….and for the ladies who like to occasionally borrow their men’s things I can tell you this gives you a amazing hydrated feel to your legs too.  The Boots No7 Men Calming Post Shave Recovery Balm is also for sensitive skin and will help your skin stay hydrated.  I am sure that almost everyone has had a shave where they are wishing for a cooling balm because of razor burn. This will help cool and calm any irritation and keep your skin feeling hydrated all day. Jake has always had issues with getting dry skin and razor bumps so he usually just trimmed his beard and left the rest alone. He was pleasantly surprised by using this combination he didn't get any razor bumps which for him is unheard of. He is extremely happy to have a shaving routine in place that keeps his skin bump free. And I am happy that he doesn't look like the guys from Duck Dynasty all the time :) Then to keep that nice smooth face from wrinkling from the suns rays there is  Boots No7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense Moisturiser It is a anti-aging moisturizer which combines the unique protecting and renewing ingredients found in their renowned protect and perfect intense anti-aging serum. This will help defend against premature ageing and from UVA and UVB rays.

All of these products will leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. I would definitely recommend considering picking these up for the loved ones in your life or yourself.


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