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Liven Up Your Man's Shaving with a Uni-Sex Peppermint Cream!

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On the list of top scents in the world, I would say that peppermint is one of the top 5. Right up there with fresh apple pie and the smell of a foggy morning in the woods. It’s a smell that wakes you up and soothes your nerves at the same time. Avalon Organics made the perfect choice for their Moisturizing Cream Shave product. A hot shower and a fresh shave puts your mind right where it needs to be to face the day ahead.  Using this product will do just that!

avalon organics moisturizing shave cream certified fabulous uni-sex male review

 Peppermint is used in many products from food and personal health, to air fresheners and perfumes. This has to be because of its unique therapeutic properties. The mint oil in this cream taps into these properties to help sooth skin and reduce irritation on the face and neck. When I applied the cream I noticed a cooling sensation on my skin, which I noticed tightened up the pores on my face and helped my razor bite into the stubble on my face. I have to say, I expected this brisk feeling on application of the cream. What I didn’t expect was the EXTREME cooling feeling after every razor stroke. This cooling affect that instantly quelled any possibility of razor burn. I am not sure why the peppermint cream has this chilling action, but it was a wonderful feeling none the less.

 If you have read any of my other reviews of shaving products, you may notice that I prefer shaving “lotions” instead of foaming creams and gels. This is not rooted in performance, because each product reacts differently on the skin. Rather, I like the “lotion” style of shaving creams because the product seem to get the job done with less volume used. I don’t like having a full lumberjack beard of cream on my face to shave my 48 hours of minimal stubble. Avalon Organics excels in its frugality (yes this is a word, look it up if you don’t believe me). Applying a “thin, transparent layer” of this cream does the work of the fluffiest of lather! At this rate of consumption, I expect the 8oz tube to last for a very very long time.

Avalon Organics have struck gold with this product. The value of a quick and hassle free shave combined with the undeniably refreshing nature of peppermint solidifies the need for this to be in the shaving kit of every man out there. Sure I may be a little bias because of my love of peppermint, but I think everyone should at least try this cream for themselves. I have a feeling that once you do…. You will be as hooked as I am.


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Nathan is a modern male that takes pride in his overall health and appearance.  Working in both the creative field of independent film as well as the fast paced world of IT, he works hard and values products that can keep up with his busy lifestyle.  Bouncing back and forth from the professional offices of the University of Maine and sets and streets of the Portland independent film scene, Nathan has always kept a close eye on grooming products for the modern male that allow him to look his best in any situation.   He applies his keen experience with these products to providing clear and helpful input to those fashion forward men looking for a little advice.

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