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Let Your Skin Breathe! Naturals from Top Dermatologist Recommended Brand!

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You might be quite familar with Neutrogena but these next few products may be a part of Neutrogena that you haven't discovered yet. That is Neutrogena Naturals. This naturals line offers Neutrogena products with no harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, or phthalates. This line uses "pure, safe ingredients that are naturally derived" ( From their formulas, packaging, even to their website, Neutrogena takes into account the many aspects of a skincare line and how to make it as naturally derived as they can. I particullarly found it pretty cool that they took into account their website and how to use nature to power it - the "Green Saver" is a "self-sustainable, sun-feuled and wind-powered server that only uses renewable energy to keep [their] website running" ( But what about the products? We'll here's my experience with a few that I tried out. Neutrogena Naturals Makeup remover and cleanser

Neutrogena Naturals: Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover

This hypoallergenic cleanser gently cleanses and removes makeup in one step. Your skin will not be left feeling stripped or dry, instead feels fresh, hydrated and soft. I was also able to use this to remove my eye makeup without any irritation. This product is 86% naturally derived - the remaining percentage of ingredients are necessary to "maintain effectiveness" (Neutrogena) and was not tested on animals. The bottle contains up to 50% post consumer recycled material.

Neutrogena Naturals Acne Foaming ScrubNeutrogena Naturals: Acne Foaming Scrub

This Neutrogena naturals product also has the added benefits of salicylic acid acne treatment to help treat and prevent breakouts. This is a great product to add to your skincare routine for clear skin! As a foaming scrub, I found it to be quite gentle while the microbeads effectively renewed and cleared dead skin cells for softer skin. My skin did not feel dried out or irritated after using this scrub. This product is 93% naturally derived and was not tested on animals.

Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vit MoisturizerNeutrogena Naturals: Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer

This multi-vitamin moisturizer includes vitamins B, C, E and anti-oxidant omega bionutrients to replenish your skin for a brighter, healthier looking complexion. It will also help reduce the appearance of dullness and roughness and will not clog pores. It effectively leaves your skin feeling moisturized and nourished while still maintaining a breathable feel throughout the day. It is a great day moisturizer as it doesn't feel too thick and you can comfortably apply makeup afterwards. This product is 97% naturally derived and was not tested on animals. 

Overall, I had a good experience with Neutrogena Naturals and felt that they were effective and at the same time gentle on my skin!



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