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Keep Your Skin & Your Smile Bright Beyond the Summer

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As summer starts to come to a close, you'll want some products that will maintain that summer beauty and spirit! From masks, teeth whitening, and refreshing pick me ups, these next products won't go out of style from summer to fall. 

Knesko Skin Nanogold Repair Masque Long Lasting Summer BeautyKnesko Skin Nanogold Repair Face Mask

Relax at home as if you are at the spa with this Mask! So what will this mask do for your skin?

* diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* enhances skin's flexibility and elasticity
* reduces inflammation and promotes skin healing 
* combats signs of dryness, stress, and fatigue
* brightens complexion and evens skin tone
I'm not at an age where I can attest to all of these benefits the mask has to offer (such as diminishing appearance of wrinkles), but nonetheless, it's a great mask for many ages! I have rather dry skin, and from a long work week, this mask was much appreciated! The mask itself comes submerged in liquid/serum within the packet, which made it really hydrating for my skin, and not at all drying. It's a completely different texture than any mask I have used; instead of a cream or clay that your spread on your skin, these two solid (but very flexible) pieces conform to your face shape and almost sink in your skin - allowing you to obtain all the benefits this mask has to offer! You place the two pieces of the mask on your skin and sit back and relax! I found the mask to be very cooling (due to the liquid) and also very soothing. It is not a mask to put on and fiddle with things or tidy up; it's a luxurious relaxing mask that requires you to be still. I closed my eyes and with the soothing weight of the mask, I felt like I was getting spa treatment at home! My skin did feel tighter after using the mask, but it wasn't a drying, irritating tight. My skin also looked brighter and felt smoother/more even toned.
Using this mask is a great way to take time out of your work week for just you. Pamper yourself, heal your tired skin, and lower your stress level by taking a little bit of time from your day to be ultimately relaxed. You can also try the Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Eye Pads. These eye pads are similar in texture and experience. They definitely helped my tired eyes. I used these towards the end of the week, when I start to notice the under eye area looking a little, well, tired. These eye pads helped reduce puffiness, and allowed the skin under my eyes to appear a little brighter, tighter, and healthier then it normally does at the end of the week!

Adventuress Facial WipesAdventuress Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes

These facial wipes are great for the summer heat, but will also come in handy when you're on the go or travelling this fall! These Fearlessly Refreshing wipes have aloe, glycerin, and plant extracts that will soothe, hydrate and protect your skin! They come in small packets that can ealily be put in your purse, bag, or even pocket. I used these to freshen up my face and neck, cooling me down and cleansing my skin. These are not sticky wipes, but fresh, clean wipes that you'll definitely want while travelling or as a purse essential! 

Whitening Lightening PenSuper Booster Whitening Pen

Another beauty aspect you'll want to keep from summer, is that bright, dazzling smile! I love the Lightening Whitening Super Booster Whitening Pen as a quick and effective whitening solution. I do use whitening mouthwash, but I never seem to have the time for a full at home whitening treatment. I can use this whitening pen any time of the day, and I also used it just before bed. To use, dry off your teeth with a tissue or towel, twist the pen for the product to dispense, and brush a thin coat onto the teeth you want to whiten. Then smile wide :) for 60 seconds to allow the solution to settle. Rinse the solution off after several hours. I rinsed it off when I woke up in the morning. I noticed whitening after just one use! Even the teeth that are normally a trouble to whiten, this pen could take care of it! I will definitely be continuing to use this pen for a whiter smile as we go into Fall!

These products will help my skin and my teeth stay bright and healthy as we transition from summer to fall! For relaxing, or on the go, you'll want to use these products long past summer!

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