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Keep Fit this Fall w/ Hydration + Natural Energy for a Power Packed Workout! PLUS A Giveaway Bonus!

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Getting back into a routine after summer can be hard! Even harder if you had lots of time off to relax...but now it's time to get back in the swing of things and that means maintaining your fitness. Walking or running, home workouts or gym adventures it's important to stay hydrated and keep energy up. To stay hydrated, try Agua Enerviva, a new concept in naturally-energizing beverages that offers a refreshing alternative to traditional energy drinks, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Agua Enerviva contains potassium and sodium electrolytes to replenish your body, as well as 100 milligrams of natural caffeine (the amount in a cup of coffee) from guarana berry extract, offering sustainable energy while quenching your thirst. It’s the perfect way to stay cool during crazy weather changes, sweating it out at the gym, soaking up the last of the summer sun, or battling the 3 PM slump at the office!

Agua Enerviva has only 25 calories per 20 oz. bottle and is available in five delicious flavors: Kiwi Strawberry, Tea and Lemonade, Pomegranate Acai, Orange Passion and Fruit Punch. 

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*** To help you get that jump start of motivation Agua Enerviva has given us a FABULOUS prize pack that we will be giving away to one lucky winner :)

The ultimate gym pack includes: 

  • Gym Towel
  • Wrist Sweatband
  • Gym Bag from American Apparel (shown below)
  • Box of Agua Enerviva (shown below)

gym-bag agua enerviva certified fabulous


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HURRY! Giveaway ends September 28th!

Contest open to contiguous US residents only.  

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