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It's Not Spring Without Your Peeps!

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I'll admit, I never had tried peeps until recently. I didn't have anything against them, I'm just so into chocolate that Peeps were never on my candy radar. But then I read Stacey's article (here) and I'll I wanted to do was eat a Peep! They sounded sooo good! Soon after that, another box of Peeps (Easter Edition) came into the Certified FABULOUS office. I tried not to pounce on them, but I was quite satisfied when I found out that big box was going to me! And now, I LOVE Peeps. It might have become a bit of an addiction. Because seriously, you can't eat just one. But don't let me get ahead of myself, I tried quite a few kinds that are worth sharing - except you won't want to share the actual Peep - you can keep that to yourself! 

I started with the classic Peeps Marshmallow Chicks - Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, I ate them all. Each package as addicting as the other. They're so fluffy and that sugary coating just melts in your mouth! I could not eat just one, they were just too good. Plus they taste the best when they're fresh out of the package! If you want multiple color Peeps together, you can get the Peeps Rainbow Pop! This would make for a fun addition to an Easter gift or party favor this Spring! 

PEEPS classic 3.4.14

PEEPS rainbow pop 3.4

Next up was the Peeps Milk Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow & Peeps Dark Chocolate Dipped MarshmallowI also loved these chocolate dipped Peeps! The dipped chocolate gives the fluffy marshmallow a satisfactory crunch. I mean we all know chocolate and marshmallow go good together, you've made a s'more right? Add on that sugar coating and this little Peep may be your next addiction. Thankfully there's just three in a package, otherwise I would devour a lot more chocolate and  marshmallow than I should. 

PEEPS dipped chocolate 3.4.14

Still want a little more chocolate? You can try the Chocolate Mouse Flavored Marshmallow Dipped In Chocolate. I personally prefer the classic marshmallow but there is the more chocolate option if you decide to go that route. 

If you want to get even more into the Easter theme for Peeps, bring on the bunnies! The Marshmallow Bunnies are just as good as the classic Peeps and are just as addicting! I ate a whole package of 12 in one sitting and I'm usually a pretty healthy eater. You can also find the bunnies as Peeps Chocolate Mouse Flavored Bunnies. If you just want ONE Peep, it better be a good one right? Go for the Peeps Large Marshmallow Bunny and just make sure there are no other Peeps around, otherwise you'll want to eat those too. If the chocolate flavored or chocolate peeps are just not enough chocolate for you, there is the Peeps Chick in a Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg. I think the hollow chocolate egg would be great fun for kids this Easter and the chocolate part is really good! 

PEEPS bunnies and chocholate egg 3.4

All of these Peeps make for some great Easter creations such as cakes or even decorative center pieces! Check out Pinterest or Google Images for some Peeps inspiration! But if you're not that motivated, they're a great sugary indulgence :)



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