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How To Get a (Smooth) Leg up on Summer Skincare

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You can feel it in the air. Summer is close, and teasing us as the weeks slowly but surely grow warmer. Soon enough people will trade their scarves, long sleeves and boots for bikinis, shorts and sandals. With beach weather, long weekends, outdoor events and other summer fun just around the corner, men and women alike don’t want to be caught off guard when it comes to looking their best, and that means being able to show off smooth, hairless skin anywhere under the sun.

The challenges of getting rid of unwanted hair can put a damper on any occasion, but many men and women are still on the fence when it comes to investing in long term hair removal options due to several common misconceptions. Allow me to help bust the top myths when it comes to laser hair removal, thanks to advanced technology available at American Laser Skincare clinics across the country:

1. Doesn’t treat all skin types
Have you ever been told that laser hair removal can only be done on pale skin? That’s actually untrue. The GentleMax Pro system, today’s gold standard in laser hair removal, delivers a wide range of treatments for effective hair removal on ALL skin types. Each treatment focuses on the individual, and the system prompts a series of questions about the person’s skin tone and overall makeup to help determine optimal settings for best results. It leverages two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite and the Yag, for customized results on all skin types, light and dark.

2. Too painful
No pain no gain? The leading edge technology in laser hair removal has enabled a more comfortable experience for those nervous about the “ouch” factor. GentleMax Pro delivers an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the area. In addition, many of our clients report that the system’s cool pulse provides increased comfort during treatment.

3. Too expensive
While laser hair removal does require a more substantial upfront investment, long-term results significantly trump traditional routines such as shaving or waxing. Studies have shown that women spend, on average, $10,000 on shaving over their lifetime, with waxing more than doubling the investment, especially when done by a professional. Laser hair removal can help save time and money over the course of a lifetime, and the benefits inherent in the results, like being able to be spontaneous on the go, are priceless. Always look for skincare professionals like American Laser Skincare, which can offer a true personalized experience and real, effective and achievable results.

4. Requires frequent clinic visits and treatments
GentleMax Pro treatments are separated by a window of four to 12 weeks depending on the treatment area and the individual’s hair regrowth cycle, making long-term hair removal a much less tedious and time consuming task. In order to be ready for summer, now is the ideal time to start.

5. Need to let unsightly hair grow in between treatments
Worried about that spontaneous getaway or a spur of the moment party? Laser treatments target the root of the hair rather than the surface hair so you are able to shave in between treatments and not worry about showing any unsightly hair.

Now that you have the real facts, take the time to consider if laser hair removal is right for you. It is important to note that if you are considering any kind of professional hair removal, you should first work closely with a skincare consultant to understand what treatment options work best for your individual skin. And remember that what matters most when looking in the mirror is that you love what’s looking back at you.



FLASHNER WEB Certifies FabulousThis post was contributed by Dr. Paul Flashner, chief medical director for American Laser Skincare. With more than 100 locations across the country and 10 million non-invasive treatments performed, American Laser Skincare prides itself on helping real people get real results to look their very best. Now is the time to find the right solutions to fit your unique summer beauty aspirations. For more information, to book a free consultation, or to learn more about promotional program offers, visit .

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