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Honey...Does A Body Good?

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I love bees. These amazing honey makers are hardworking creatures who live in cooperative communities where the Queen rules all.  Bees provide us with what is one of the most amazing natural ingredient; honey.  Honey is one of the world’s oldest moisturizers.  Cleopatra was known to bathe her skin with milk and honey. Honey has been used in holistic skin care practices for hundreds of years for the treatment of acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Honey is the key ingredient in the amazing Beelove products I have been enjoying this week. 
Beeline spa collection
Honey has amazing moisturizing as well antiseptic properties, making it a really great ingredient in skin care. Honeys humectant properties help attract water to the skin, moisturizing the skins to prevent against wrinkles and dryness. The more moisture our skin holds the younger its appearance.  Honeys antiseptic properties are just as amazing. Honey contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which, when combined with water becomes hydrogen peroxide.  These antiseptic qualities help rid the skin of bacteria, helping to create a clear complexion.
Honey is the key ingredient in Sweet Beginnings Beelove skincare products.  My 3 favorites are the Body Wash, Lotion and Sugar Scrub.  All three have very clean ingredient lists, containing not only honey, but wonderful ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter, grape-seed oil and silk protein.  The signature beeline essential oils lend a mellow,  baby powder-like fragrance.  The shower gel looks like honey, and works into a nice lather.  I liked this body wash because my skin didn't feel dry and tight after my shower (and I like long, hot showers).  The lotion applies easily, and absorbs nicely into the skin.  My absolute favorite product however, is the Sugar Scrub.  The scrub is different from others I have used.  The sugar particles are really big, not like the usual fine texture I am used to.  This made handling the product easier in that it doesn't just melt away in a hot shower. My skin felt refreshed, exfoliated and soft after using this wonderful sugar scrub.
Beelove is also amazing because of the good karma story behind its beginning.  Founder and CEO Brenda Palms Barber saw the problems that evolve from the high unemployment rates in the city of Chicago.  She recognized the difficulties faced by those being released from prison in their desire to find employment opportunities.  Lack of education and criminal background are huge barriers faced by this milieu. Barber’s solution was to start an aviary in a small vacant urban lot in the city of Chicago.  She has been able to create full time employment through the tending of bees and the harvest of raw honey.  By teaching ex-offenders the art of beekeeping, she has provided an opportunity for these people to learn a trade, helping to decrease the likelihood repeat incarceration (the recidivism rate of these worker is a mere 4%, compared to the nation average of 65%).   Barbers vision is proving to be a success, as the company is growing, with 4 aviarys in the city of Chicago, as well as hundreds of employment opportunities for those facing employment barriers. 
The story behind the Beelove products is almost as good as the quality of the products themselves.  
Gotta love it!!
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