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Gifts for the Fitness Fashionable Mom & Makeup Beginners!

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For the Makeup Mom

I have always loved Jane Iredale products.  They are sold at the salon I frequent, so I have been using these products for years on the recommendation of my hairdresser.  I was thrilled to see that Jane Iredale offers a “Starter Kit” which showcases 4 amazing products in a convenient travel size, all housed in a beautiful silver zip case perfect for travel.

All four products are cosmetic, and are to be used after your cleansing and moisturizing routine.  The first product in the set is Smooth Affair ™ Facial Primer & Brightener.  Brightening products are all the rave right now in the cosmetic industry, especially as the population ages, consumers are looking to lighten and brighten age spots and pigmentation.  This amazing makeup primer evens skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pores.  It is the perfect base under you foundation or mineral powder as it gives skin increased luminosity.  I love the way this primer feels on my skin.  It is lightweight and left my skin feeling nourished.   My mineral powder went on easier, blended better and lasted longer.  Smooth Affair ™ Facial Primer and Brightener is my new go to, I refuse to go without it!

jane iredale starter kit certified fabulous

The next steps  in this 4 step all inclusive kit are the Pure Pressed Base and the Amazing Base, both in Golden Glow.  I really love a mineral powder, and have been using Jane Iredale’s Pressed Powder Base for years.  I was thrilled to see that Jane Iredale also offers the Amazing Base which is a loose mineral powder.  I used the Amazing Base over the Primer and found the coverage to be just as wonderful as the Pressed Base.  I popped the Pressed Base, in its cute travel size, into my purse with a makeup sponge, and used it throughout the day to correct my shiny forehead as well as make sure my even skin tone followed me through day into night.  These two Bases are wonderful, it is really difficult to decide which my favorite is, and I plan to continue to enjoy both!!

The fourth product offered in in the 4 Step kit is the Hydration Spray.  This spray is wonderful to use after makeup application, as it imparts a gorgeous dewy glow to my complexion.  The Hydration Spray is chock full of nourishing botanicals, antioxidants and skin protectors.  A light mist over your made up face is the protection your makeup needs to face the harsh realities of the environment.  My skin felt soft and nourished, without the heavy feeling some hydration sprays impart.

I also want to add, that although this product is not offered in the Starter Kit, another Jane Iredale favorite of mine which I cannot live without is the Disappear ™ Concealer with Green Tea Extract.  This concealer has a nice, soft applicator and goes on smoothly.  It offers enough coverage that my dark circles disappear, and my blemished become invisible.  However, this concealer is lightweight enough that I never have to worry about caking, flaking or overall mess. This has been my go-to concealer for years, and pairs perfectly with the wonderful products offered In the Jane Iredale Starter Kit!


For the Fitness Fashionable Mom

Zumba. Just the very word brings to mind a whole bevy of interesting thoughts and images.  In my mind I see whole room of hard working moms sweating it out to the beat of some sultry latina  songs.  If you were to live in Maine, something else might come to mind; but you can Google that on your own time. 

Now perhaps when you hear the word Zumba you should think of fitness clothing.  I had a chance to try an article of clothing from their official Zumba Wear line.  You can check out all their clothing at and click on Shop.  I gotta say that I was immediately impressed on two fronts.  1. The prices are very reasonable. ($10 to $25 for their tops)  2. The quality/fit was top notch.  I had a chance to wear the Toight Like A Tiger Tank selling for $25.50.  Like I said, the quality surprised me for the purchase price.  It is a very sturdy tank and fit tightly, giving women a few different options such as going sans sports bra depending on your build.  I also liked that if was a bit longer than other tanks I have tried.  I never even had to think about it riding up as I was busting out my dance moves. 

zumba wear Toight Like A Tiger Tank certified fabulous

It currently gets 4.5 out of 5 stars on the reviews that I found.  A common theme in the reviews is that it may run smaller than you imagine, but most liked the fact that it offered a snug/secure fit.

The color choices are also a hit.  You can choose between “Berry Nice,” “Sew Black,” and “Positively Pinktronic.”  All three colors will pair nicely with the capri/legging of your choice.

Before I forget, my favorite part of this tank by Zumba is the split shoulder straps!  If offers a different and rather sexy look.  Small features like this will cause you to gravitate towards it in your closet over and over again.  Another reason to get it in all three colors!  In short, this “Tiger Tank” is as fun as it is functional. 

Happy shopping!


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