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Get Beach Ready with These Hair Removal Products

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Summer means carefree days spent at the beach relaxing and soaking up the sun. Silky soft skin is a must if you are going to be wearing a bikini day after day, and shaving daily, razor bumps, and stubble do not pair well with your beach attire. There are many ways to remove unwanted body and facial hair without having to break out your shaver every time you hop in the shower and without spending a fortune on treatments at the spa. Us ladies at Certified Fabulous have removed our pesky mustaches, unwanted uni-brows, arm hair and leg hair and have found a few DIY hair removal products that get the job done successfully within the comfort of your own home.

 Silk'n Flash&Go

The Silk'n Flash&Go is an at home light-based hair removal devise that will get help eliminate hair all over your body including your face. Be sure to read all the warnings and instructions before starting use. The Flash&Go has a skin color sensor that is designed to measure the skin tone of the applied surface and enable application only on suitable skin tones. This feature will disable treatment if your skin is too dark or too tan. It uses Home Pulse Light Technology TM that is clinically proven for permanent hair reduction. This product takes time to have visible results but the results last. What we liked most about this product is it didn't take long to do the treatment and it is easy to use. Before using the Flash&Go you want to shave all the areas that you plan to treat. As with a lot of hair removal system this is something that you will want to test before doing a full treatment. Then you just set the device to the desired treatment level and go. The nice thing about this is that it plugs into the wall, no worries about the battery dying on you. If you plan on doing both legs it can take about 30 minutes, it is a fabulous thing to do while watching your favorite tv show. It typically takes around 4 treatments to see noticeable reduction in hair. They recommend using it every two weeks for the first three to four treatments. After that it should be done if hairs have grown back and until the desired results are achieved. The Silk'n Flash&Go can be found at for $199.



 Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Duo

The Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo is a kit that can be used on both fine and coarse hair types. The kit includes a Skin Guarding Balm that you apply first, and then the Hair Removal Cream that you apply second. When using the balm, cover the entire area where you will be removing hair from and gently massage in for ten seconds. After apply a generous amount of the hair removal cream, enough to cover all of the hair but do not rub in. Allow the cream to sit for 8-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of hair. Then gently wipe away and follow by rinsing the area. This is completely pain free and extremely effective. You can find these for 23.99 at



 Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Stripless Hard Wax Kit

The Ouch-Relief Stripless Hard Wax Kit is made with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Oatmeal extract, all known to help calm hydrate and soothe skin. This kit also includes Ouch-Relief numbing wipes that can be used to pretreat the area that will be waxed to help prevent and relieve pain from waxing. Just wipe over area and allow to dry for ten minutes before applying the wax. This kit is super simple to use, you simply heat the wax, wipe it on in the same direction as hair growth, no need to apply a strip. Just allow the wax to harden slightly to the point where it is still soft and pliable, but able to be pulled off, and remove in one quick motion while pulling skin tight.  Also included is an Azulene oil which helps to soothe skin after waxing as well as remove any leftover waxy residue. This kit can be found at for $12.99.



Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit

Even easier to use is Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit. This kit comes with the same Pre-Wax wipe that the above kit does and is applied prior to waxing to numb the area that will be treated. The kit also includes Azulene Finishing Oil to soothe skin and eliminate stickiness from waxy residue. The wax comes on wax strips in a large size, great for the bikini area, or a narrow size, which is perfect for the upper lip or eyebrow area. Just put the strip between your hands and rub them together to heat the wax, pull apart, and you can use each side as a wax strip. Apply the strip in the direction of the hair growth and pull off in one swift motion against the direction of hair growth. I love these strips because I can use them as soon as I notice hair growth on my upper lip and use them immediately without having to fuss with heating wax in the microwave or gathering the supplies that I need. This wax kit is also available at for $7.99. 


We hope these products make your hair removal process this summer easier and less painfull. 

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