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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

From the Secret Stash of Beckie ...

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Happy Friday Everyone!  So now that we're past the first major holiday of the year, it's now only a slippery slope into December.  Walmart, like many other retailers already has their Christmas decorations on the floor ready for purchase.


As many of you know, I'm addicted to trying the newest beauty products but I also love the new vibe of small beauty companies.  There are so many companies that have amazing products.  So I thought that I would give all my new finds a shout out this week.


Willa Wash MobileOne morning I was listening to the Today Show and the ladies were talking about Willa Skin Care ( and their  tinted moisturizer.  They were raving about it and said that they had it at Target.  So I went and thought, I'm always up for trying a new tinted moisturizer, especially if it protects the skin with an SPF 30 rating!  Sure enough all their ranting and raving was correct.  It is very light weight, no odor (which I love and often with a zinc oxide you'll have a odor)and blends with your skin tone.  I really like to wear this moisturizer when I run, because it doesn't move and sweat off.  Better yet, it doesn't clog your pores either!



Along with their tinted moisturizer, I bought their cleanser.  Major SCORE!  This wonderfully clean scented, foaming cleanser leaves your skin clean and refreshed.  I feel that it is very delicate and doesn't strip away the natural oils of my skin.  You know sometimes when you use a cleanser afterwards your skin is tight and screaming for you to put a moisturizer on it.  Not this one.  I know that I'm slightly above their target demographics (tween-acne prone teen) but I still love this... even for a woman rounding 3rd into 40.


3in1 L Mobile

Next on the list, is an 3in 1 eye serum from Chrislie Formulations (  It is part of their Lash EM line.  Their claim is that it helps to reduce morning puffiness and brighten the area around the eye.  Well it does.  Lately my nights have been late and mornings come way too fast, so my eyes are a little tired, puffy and and have dark circles under my eyes.  With this product, I feel I can actually make eye contact with the lady at the bagel shop.



Balms Schwing liquid eyeliner

My final pick of the week comes from the Balm Cosmetics-(  I love this company.  The names of their products are so funny and unique.  So for whatever reason, I have a hard time keeping eyeliner on my eyes and very few work for me.  So I thought I would try The Balm's Schwing liquid eyelinerBalm's Schwing liquid eyeliner.  And oh YEAAHHH.. it's a home run!  I love the felt tip applicator instead of a brush and how easily it is to use.  You can do

 a thin line and or double up and make a thicker line.  I've even gone as for to wear this to Zumba class and it made it through with our a smudge!



There you have it friends some new finds from my little bag of tricks.


Have a great weekend and until next week... keep sharin' the love!







beckie b


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