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Don't Let Summer Leave You With Sun Baked Hair!

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It has been raining for 4 days. Like seriously raining to the point where my car hydroplaned yesterday on my way to the gym.  All of the beautiful peonies are ruined, and I know the weeds in the garden are going to absolutely take over once the sun finally shines again. This weather turns me into a grouch, and worst of all is what it does to my naturally curly hair. I become a frizz ball, an afro does NOT look good on this girl.  The powers that be in the Certified Fabulous office obviously took notice and passed along to me John Freida Frizz Ease Products to help my pain.

Regardless of what product you choose, when you have the propensity for frizzy hair (all of us curly wavy haired girls), there are a few helpful tips that I must share. The best advice I ever received is to air-dry hair, or use a plug-in household fan. If you use a fan, keep face about 6 inches away from the fan, and brush with a paddle brush. Fans create less frizz than blow driers, because they make somewhat of an "air-dome" around your head, and dry it all at once, whereas blow driers put a high amount of concentrated heat onto the hair, which causes frizz. Heat, although makes the drying process faster, causes frizz ladies.  The best bet is to air dry, although I find that I lose volume at my roots going this route.  If you must blow-dry, use a diffuser, the lowest heat setting and a lower blow setting.  The extra 2 minutes this takes will be worth it, I promise.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum 7.1I am so loving John Freida’s Frizz Ease Products.  All curly haired girls should try at least one of the extensive lines of frizz calming products.  I was given the Hair Serum and the Shine Glossing Mist, and I loved both so much that I purchased the Humidity Control Hairspray, which I will also review.  First in this trio is the Serum.  This product should be applied directly out of the shower, before towel drying your hair.  I put a quarter size amount in the palm of my hand (I have longish hair, use less for shorter hair), rub my hands together, and apply from the bottom up.  I flip my head over, and make sure to do my ends first ( a little tip given by Naz Kupelian) working my way up to the roots.  I give my curls a good scrunch then loosely wrap the towel around.  Take this time. Ladies, to choose your outfit of the day, apply your moisturizers, get dressed, feed the dog, whatever. The point is to let your curls air dry a little before moving to the next step. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease 100 Shine Glossing Mist 7.1.13 Certified FabulousStep 2 is to decide on your drying process.  If air-drying works for you, depending on the level of hold you desire, you might want to use a curling crème (we all know I love Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls). I like to use a fan too dry, as suggested above, or if I’m in a hurry my diffuser and blow-dryer.  Once hair is moderately dry, the 100% Shine Glossing Mist is perfect for taming those last bits of frizz. I keep the small spray bottle in my purse as it works wonderfully throughout the day for touchups.  Neither of these products has ever left me greasy, and always leaves me with a really nice shine. On days when I add a little definition with the curling iron, I always finish my style with the Frizz Ease Humidity Spray.  This hairspray has a really nice hold, without leaving my curls crunchy feeling.  It is so apparent that the people at John Freida really know how to eliminate frizz, and their new line of frizz controlling product get a BIG thumbs up from me.  I really love how these products are available at most stores, at a really decent price. I urge all of you girls who battle frizz to give these products a try, and let me know your results.  I know you won’t be disappointed!


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