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Day 11: Winter Fashion Textures

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Texturizing is like wearing a bold lip color. That being said, you want to minimize the rest of your outfit by wearing basic colors so the texturized item stands out like a centerpiece. For Jessica's look we made the textured sweater the show-piece and paired it with a simple white tank top and black leggings. For extra flair you can match it with black pleather leggings, which we got from H&M.

To dress it up stick with textured earrings and forego any other jewelry. Jessica is wearing vintage snakeskin dangle earrings.

For makeup: Bold eyes and a nude lip is ideal with this particular look and color paring. 

Sweater featured is from H&M - Fall 2013 season

Simular Earring Options:

day 11 winter texture style sweater HM certified fabulous

Pair 1: Adina Plastelina Square Earrings with Snakeskin Pattern - from World of Jewaica - BUY HERE

Pair 2: Snakeskin Embedded Earrings in White - from Fashionably Late - BUY HERE

Pair 3: Holy Harlot Gold And Ivory Gem Drop Snakeskin Earrings - from Max & Chloe - BUY HERE

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