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Cosmetic Junkie? Lip Color Lover? Palladio Cosmetics is for YOU!

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Do you love all thing beauty? Are you a trend-hunter?? Do you like go out and buy products as soon as you hear about something new???

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you are going to be salivating to try out the cosmetic brand Palladio!!! 

When the box of these products came into the office I wanted to try them all! It was so hard having to part with them to let the other writers have something to write about...but I did get some VERY cool things!

022720213 Palladio rice powder translucent certified fabulous

First, Palladio Rice Powder in translucent looked like a common powder, but after looking into it the story behind it was beyond cool! The powder of rice has been used for centuries in the ancient art of Ayurveda, a holistic healing practice. Traditionally used to soothe inflamed acne and skin ulcerations. It has been used by Asian women in their facial makeup and to wash their skin since the 16th century. Rice products absorb excess oils, thus maintaining proper pH levels in the skin. This product sounded amazing and couldn't of come at a better time because I had been thinking I looked washed out and a little too pale...damn you winter! Even though this product is translucent it give me a natural skin color look that many other translucent products otherwise leave me looking chalky and vampire-ish. It felt smooth and was not drying at all...which is also a problem I have with powders...especially in the winter season. My makeup was perfectly set, even my skin tone and took away the T-zone stayed at bay all day too, no shine in sight! If your going to wear makeup of course the essential elements are that it looks natural and it is long lasting...check and check for Palladio! 

Another treat I tested out was the Lip Stain in the color Orchard, which is a crazy cool extra-long wearing lip marker! You know from my previous articles that my favorite type of lip stains are the marker ones because I can apply them without a mirror, they are easy to travel with and give perfect healthy glow color that doesn't come off! This product comes in many different good luck picking just one :)

Pallido cosmetics Valentines Day red lipsYou might of seen my Valentine's Day picture post of my velvety, red lips. Well, those were courtesy of Palladio lipstick in Juniper! The lip stick was silky, soft, smooth and never had creasing or drying problems! It never ran, even without a lip liner! I was able to enhance the shine by adding the Lip Tint *review later in this article. The shade of red was perfect with my skin tone and really popped! It is a great product to wear with light eye makeup and an elegant dress or jeans and a T-shirt :) 

I also tried out the Lip Liner Pencil in the color Pink Frost. Now, if I had to pick a product in cosmetics that I am not as much of a guru on, it would be lip pencils. I was thrilled by how easy it was to apply, softer than a normal pencil, so it would glide on and helped majorly with the lipstick "bleeds" which occur with a particular lipsticks I wear. "Bleeds" are when the lip stick goes outside of your lips and kind of looks smudgy and all over the place. Another way I love to wear lip pencils, and have done since I was in high school because it was cheaper than lipstick, is to apply the pencil color all over my lips and then apply a lip balm over it. 

02272013 Palladio herbal tinted lip balm cotton candy certified fabulous

Speaking of lip balm, I must tell you my favorite product I used from Palladio was their Herbal Tinted Lip Balm!!!! I could not love a product enough! Immediately after I received it I used it non stop and and I am now almost out! I had asked the company if was possible for them to send me a lifetime supply of it...since they did get me addicted, it's only fair. They replied saying that they get that response a lot with that product, so I guess they have breed a large amount of addicts already out there...hmmm, I must find out if there are support groups. Anyway, this lip balm not only nourishes and moisturized dry lips, but it also add a hint of color! I keep this in my pocket and apply all day long, it's amazing and I think everyone should have one. They come in MANY varieties of colors so you are never one to match every outfit! 

That is all from me and my reviews on the beautiful Palladio Cosmetics. 

What is your #1 product obsession??

Until next week, Keep On Being Beautiful You!!!

xo Jessica

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