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COOLA Grapefruit Peppermint Natural Hand Lotion Bar

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COOLA has developed an extraordinary delightful and natural hand lotion bar. I tried the GrapefruitPeppermint all natural shea butter Hand Lotion Bar and fell in love. This is my first time working with a hand lotion bar and I found the experience therapeutically enriching.


COOLA Grapefruit Peppermint Hand Lotion Bar has become a “must have”. During the winter 04112013 Certified Fabulous Coola Grapefruit Peppermint Hand Lotion Barmonths my knuckles become very dry and cracked. COOLA has designed this Hand Lotion Bar to help hydrate your hands, and they have succeeded in their endeavor. My knuckles were so cracked it actually hurt to bend my fingers. The first time I used this product the results were visible. The hand lotion bar actually appeared to be erasing the dry lines and cracks. I worked the product into my knuckles every evening for a few weeks and the cracks literally disappeared. The warmth from my knuckles turned the ingredients into a deeply moisturizing and soothing balm that healed the cracks. After applying the Hand Lotion Bar to my knuckles and rubbing it in, the palms of my hands also benefited, they too felt wonderfully soft.


 COOLA developed this product using all natural ingredients. The Hand Lotion Bar is designed so you use only the amount necessary, there’s no waste. COOLA packaged this product so it’s perfect when you’re traveling.


I know that COOLA designed this to help keep your hands hydrated when you’re in the sun. I would recommend this to anyone who has chapped hands from those cold winter months too! 





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HAIR COLOR: Colored Reddish Brown.

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