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Clairol Reveals the Expert Secret to Looking 10 Years Younger!

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Gray hair can make you look older than you are; in fact, covering gray is a leading reason why women color their hair.  Defy your age with Clairol’s formula that turns back the clock on aging hair. The NEW Clairol Expert Age Defy Collection fights 7 Signs of Aging Hair, resulting in hair that looks 10 years younger. Thanks to the advanced color formula and Pro-V™ conditioner, Age Defy provides 100% gray coverage and beautiful color to resistant grays, for softer, smoother, and more vibrant hair than before (compared to doing nothig at all).

Aging hair has complex needs. It is more unruly than younger hair and can also be coarse, frizzy, and harder to color. Clairol developed a solution to women’s aging hair care struggles with the NEW Expert Age Defy Collection. The 3-step color system softens the texture of hair and changes the surface of the hair fibers, making it easier to get the colorant through hair. Age Defy is Clairol’s most advanced color formula that goes beyond 100% gray coverage, providing long-lasting, brilliant color that will make your hair look 10 years younger (opposed to letting it go all grey/white).

Clairol Expert Age Defy benefits for women:AgeDefy Shade3 clairol certified fabulous

  • Fights 7 Signs of Aging Hair
    • Breakage
    • Dryness
    • Dackluster hair
    • Unruly hair
    • Stubborn grays
    • Coarseness
    • Frizz
  • Pretreatment texturizing cream softens hair before coloring, making it easier to get colorant through hair
  • Crème color formulation is tailored for gray hair coverage, going deep into hair fiber for optimal gray coverage
  • Pro-V™ ColorSeal conditioning therapy helps lock in color and keep hair soft and shiny.


Age Defy is available in 12 shades wherever health and beauty aids are sold. For more information, women can visit or call the color experts at 1-800-CLAIROL.

 JamesCorbettClairol-210x300I was able to talk with Clairol Color Director James Corbett to ask him a few questions about aging hair and at-home hair colors: 

1) When coloring your hair at home, what are some tips or important things to remember to do?

When coloring your hair at home, remember to only choose a shade 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your current color for best results. If you’re looking for dramatic results, consult your colorist!
You don’t have to apply permanent color from roots to tips each time. Focus on the roots and then if you want to add vibrancy and refresh your mid-shaft and ends, use Natural Instincts once the permanent color is processed and rinsed out. Hair is naturally darker at the roots and lighter at the ends.

 2) How can you color match your hair to an at-home hair color shade?

Determine the level of your current hair color. Shades go from 1 -10, with 1 being the darkest and 10 being the lightest. Once you know your level, you can try 1-2 levels lighter or darker, and then experiment with golden (warm), cool (ash) or neutral tones within that level.

 3) When dying hair red, what are some tips to keep the color vibrant and lasting?

Make sure you’re using shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. Try Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights.
Shampoo your hair less. Some women tend to over-shampoo, not realizing that water fades color.
Use Natural Instincts as a gloss between colorings to refresh your red! The new Natural Instincts shades are gorgeous and vibrant – Golden Sienna, Sedona Sunset and Caribbean Mahogany.

 4) How does hair age?

Each strand of hair grows for about 3 years and then falls out, but you don’t notice because you have 100,000 strands of hair on your head, all at different times in their “cycles.’ After each sheds, a new hair starts out from that same follicle. After this happens 15 times (~ age 45), melanocytes stop giving the hair any melanin, thus the hair loses its color. Some people will notice their first grays before 25, but average is 32 to 34 years old for first grays. Also, your coarser hair strands tend to go gray first, which is why grays are typically stubborn and tougher to tame.

 5) Does hair age at the same rate as skin?

That varies based on your DNA. However, you can slow the process down a bit by taking good care of your hair. Women spend put a lot of effort into anti-aging care for the skin and your hair deserves the same love. Clairol Expert Age Defy is more than just a hair color; it addresses 7 signs of aging hair for a complete package, including those stubborn grays, lackluster color, dullness, dryness, frizz and unruly strands.

 6) Is anti-aging hair care new or has it always been around? 

Pantene has an Age Defy shampoo and conditioner collection to fight aging hair. Clairol Expert Age Defy is our first anti-aging hair color.

Psychologist Vivian Diller clairol certified fabulous aging self-esteem women beautyAfter talking with James, I asked Psychologist Vivian Diller a few questions about aging and women's self-esteem in relation to it:

1) When do you think women start to see themselves aging?

We start aging the day we’re born, but the sense of ‘getting old’ most often strikes women in their late 30s and early 40s. Aging awareness can begin when a woman notices a visible change in the mirror (a gray hair, a wrinkle or age spot) or it can occur more gradually like when she notices a lack of energy. Most often it hits women hard, like “oh-oh, something is changing and will never be the same.”

2) At what age do women start to care more about anti-aging products?

When that ‘uh-oh’ moment hits, women begin focusing on what they can do to stop the aging process. Some turn to anti-aging products, others consider cosmetic procedures. Even though many products could help women prolong their youthful skin and hair well before the ‘uh-oh’ moment (e.g. moisturizers and sun block), most of the time these products become more important when the signs of aging are upon them.

3) What impact does aging have on women’s self-image?

We live in a youth and beauty oriented culture, so an aging appearance impacts many women on some level. Looking older can lead to anxiety about one’s future, both personally and professionally, especially if looks were extremely important to a woman’s identity. Fortunately, our increasingly large aging population has encouraged new definitions of beauty, so it is becoming easier to hold on to a positive self-image at any age.

4) How does aging impact women’s beauty routines?

As we age, our grooming routines become more focused on both health and beauty. We realize we need to sleep and eat well to maintain our vitality. We try to reduce alcohol intake and stay out of the sun. Women who want to look their best also add anti-aging products to their beauty routines.

beauty self-esteem certified fabulous5) Are looks and beauty the main factor in a woman’s self-esteem?

For most women, their appearance plays some role in their self-esteem. We’re probably hard wired to care about our looks, so even though other things contribute to self-esteem, looks do matter. For those whose self-esteem rely more on their appearance, aging is a tougher experience. They feel they have more to lose.

6) Does media and technology have a greater negative effect on women’s self-image and idea of beauty?

Magazines, film and TV have reinforced the belief that youth is equated with beauty. When a woman aspires toward unattainable perfection, it results in a negative self-image. Some women have been able to hold onto a positive self-image in spite of this beauty culture, but it isn’t easy.

7) Married woman’s psyche versus a single woman’s psyche, would they have similar or different self-image and beauty thoughts?

I don’t think the self-image of single versus marriage women is necessarily different, but the importance of maintaining an attractive appearance is greater for single women. Surprisingly, more women are meeting mates in their 50s and beyond, in part through online dating, and because they find that mature relationships are based on other assets than youthful appearance.

8) Why do women’s compare themselves to other women so much and can we break that cycle?

To understand women’s competitiveness when it comes to their appearance, we have to look to the ‘survival of the fittest’ and women’s primary role’s hundreds and thousands of years ago was to attract a mate and procreate. While our roles have expanded enormously, women are probably hard-wired to compare their “attractiveness value.” Surely we now compete in other areas, as men do, but it’s helpful for women to remember that ‘survival of the prettiest’ goes way, way back.


AgeDefy Shade3 clairol certified fabulousI personally tried the Clairol Expert Age Defy in Black and I had amazing results! I loved the pre-color gel packet you apply before the color, because I feel like it really preps the hair, especially the stubborn grey ones, to take in the color. It was long lasting and really maintained the brillant shine week after week like my hair was freshly dyed! I am that much more knowledgeable on aging hair and women's beauty psyche to make an informative decision when it comes to my anti-aging products, hair dye being included with my love for the new Clairol Expert Age Defy! 

How do you feel about your beauty routines based on this information? 

Stay Beautiful You!

xx Jessica

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