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Chew Your Dessert & Lose Weight!

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According to a study published on, consumers in the study reported that chewing gum reduced cravings and the likelihood of snacking. Also, if chewing gum before snacking, it helped reduce hunger and diminished cravings for sweets! (Read the document and results for yourself by CLICKING HERE

This study only made me more of a believer in this concept, since I had discovered the Wrigley Extra Dessert Delights gum. When I first saw that pack of Mint Chocolate Chip gum I immediately grabbed a pack to try. When I put the piece in my mouth it watered and the delicious flavors of mint and chocolate took over my taste buds as I felt I satisfied my sweet tooth and tricked my mind into thinking I was indulging in a dessert. The taste was an incredible comparison to my favorite ice cream! I took the pack to work and put it in my desk to help me deal with the many times my co-workers brought in sweets or talked about them! I'm a vegan and can't technically eat any sweets since they all contain dairy...but I can't say I haven't been tempted to "cheat" on many occasions since we work by an incredible bakery and everyone gets a sinfully delicious, freshly baked cake on their birthday! Losing weight is hard to do with diet and exercise, but throw in temptation and cravings and you have to stand strong with willpower to be able to overcome that! Everyone needs a little help and for me it's this amazing Dessert Delights gum!

I excitedly looked for more flavors and found the Peach Cobbler flavor that I also fell in love with! Then in May 2014, Extra Dessert Delights introduced its newest dessert-inspired flavor, Extra Dessert Delights Cinnamon Roll....heaven! 

wrigleys dessert delights gum cinnamon roll mint chocolate chip peach cobbler certified fabulous lose weight

I know your probably thinking its impossible to look at a real cinnamon roll and a pack of gum at the same time and choose the gum, BUT if you keep your goals and prioreties in check it is possible. Just think you can indulge in a cinnamon roll at around 400 calories and feel guilty about it and defeated OR you can chew a 5 calorie stick of Extra Dessert Delights Cinnamon Roll and feel good about yourself and your willpower while getting your sweet fix. These gums are also sugar free so your not adding the extra fat and calories through sugar intake either :) 

After a while of swapping gum for a dessert I maintained a good weight while working to lose more and I didn't have any regret or guilt that I "fell off the wagon". No I look at sweets as blobs of fat that are out to get me, hah! I just think about all of the negative ingredients, calories, fat and sugar one little dessert contains and I turn to my gum support system :) You have to try it for yourself to believe how real this gum tastes to the real thing! I hope they are working on a chocolate cake or cream donut gum! 

gum chewing wrigleys dessert delights gum certified fabulous

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