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Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S

A contributing writer from a variety of experts working in beauty and skin care professions write fabulous articles for us to share with our readers. They range from celebrity makeup artists & hairstylists to cosmetic chemists and doctors. Here and there we will pepper in articles from our friends that work in public relations offices, manage beauty departments in stores or are grooming friendly men that love to write :)

Bios are provided at the bottom of each article authored by "Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S." so you can get to know the pro keeping YOU in the know!

We hope you will enjoy reviews, tips, how-to and educational information from a variety of people from all walks of life!

The dry winter months are really doing a number on my skin, and I am not alone. Everyone who knows me, and who knows that I develop skincare for a living has asked me “what should I use to hydrate my dull, dry skin during the winter months?” Many products claim to hydrate and nourish, but when investing on a moisturizer, a product that does what it claims to do is preferable. Hydropeptide Power Lift Advanced Ultra-Rich Moisturizer is an amazing product which claims to “target visible signs of aging and quench dry skin”. We tested this product and experienced the following results.

After cleansing, a pea sized amount was applied to the face and neck. This moisturizer is incredibly thick and rich, and was instantly hydrating. It is important to use the recommended amount of this product. One of our testers used too much, and too much of a good thing is never good. After the first use, Hydropeptide Power Lift Advanced Ultra-Rich Moisturizer left our dry skin feeling “quenched”, nourished and thoroughly moisturized. We noticed an improvement in the tone and texture of skin as well after using for 2 weeks. Skin felt “hydrated” and there was the appearance of fine lines were visibly diminished after 2 weeks.

Hydropeptide power lift

HydroPeptide Power Lift Advanced Ultra-Rich Moisturizer MSRP $96.00


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There are plenty of body washes out there and sometimes it can be hard to decide which product to choose. During these winter months we know it is import for us all to have a moisturizing wash that will not dry the skin out. Depending on your budget, it may be difficult to choose whether or not to spend or save when looking for a body wash. We are here to help!! We have scoured the market to find the best body cleansers in three price ranges: Mass market (under $10), Masstige ($10-$20) and Prestige ($20+).  


Olay Frsh Outlast with price bubble

When considering more of a mass product that is less expensive, but is still effective, Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash collection is our top pick. A great value at $5.49 you get a large bottle (23.6 fl oz) which will last for a good amount of time. There are 4 essential oil scents to choose from: Cooling White Strawberry & Mint, Soothing orchid & Black Currant, Crisp Pear & Fuji Apple, and Invigorating Champagne Mango & White Ginger. This body wash is formulated to work with skin’s natural pH. Olay has lowered the sulfates and contains 3x more mild cleansers than before. This will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated and is a great choice if you are seeking value in a mass body cleanser.

Glowology Body wash with price bubble

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  • Sara
    Sara says #
    Personal Fav is the emerginC... smells amazing cleanses well and does not dry out my skin, worth spending the $...
  • Stacey Henson
    Stacey Henson says #
    I love the glowology body washes, they smell AMAZING, and are super concentrated so they last forever. The packaging is really be
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Men’s fragrances can be absolutely amazing. The slightest waft of the right cologne can bring back an amazing feeling or memory. But how to choose that fragrance? The Certified Fabulous Team recently indulged in testing some well crafted men’s fragrances, no complaining here! We put together our top picks for you: we feel these fragrances meet their claims and smell delectable!

  • Gucci 

    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme
    Guilty Pour Homme  1.6oz $68.00
    Inspired by the sleek, contemporary lines of the House’s iconic interlocking G logo, Gucci presents Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, and alluring, sensual fragrance for the modern maverick.

    Fragrance Notes:  Lavender, lemon, orange flower, patchouli and cedarwood. This is a very fresh and clean smelling fragrance. 

    "Smells fresh & clean" Certified Fabulous Team Member, Linnea

  • Paco Rabanne

    Paco Rabanne 1 million
    1 Million
    1.7 oz $62.00
    1 MILLION marks the come-back of asserted masculine seduction. A confident man unafraid to reach for the best.

    Fragrance Notes: Grapefruit, peppermint, and blood mandarin, with rose absolute and cinnamon, followed by amber and patchouli.

    “ It smells wonderful! A scent that draws you in.” Certified Fabulous Team Member, Maria

  • Hugo Boss 
    Hugo Boss Bottled Night
    Boss Bottled Night 1.6oz $60.00
    Designed to deepen his confidence and make him feel irresistible at night.

    Fragrance Notes: Bittersweet birch, lavender, and a touch of lemon leaves topped off with green and nutty cardamom with a synthesis of sweet jasmine and African violet.

    "I love this fragrance for men. It is "old school" and has been around for a long time.  I believe its staying power is due to the fact it is a classic, manly smelling cologne. I love it on my husband as much as I loved it on my 9th grade crush! " Certified Fabulous Team Member, Stacey.

  • Jean Paul Gaultier
    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
    Le male
    1.3 oz $52.00
    Playfully sensual with a sturdy character, “Le Male” is for a real adventurer with a tender heart who knows no limits.

    Fragrance Notes: A blend of mint, lavender and vanilla with appetizing oriental notes.

    “It is a fresh and sexy smell, that always makes me stop and take a deep breath.” Certified Fabulous Team Member, Jessie
  • Yves Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent Lhomme
    2 oz $67.00 
    Created for a man who lives by this own rules. Infused with the force of attraction of a man with style and sensuality, this fresh woody fragrance is effervescent with bright, sparkling notes of bergamont, ginger, and vetiver.

    Fragrance Notes: Bright, sparkling bergamont, the alluring crispness of ginger, and a deep, woody, earthy vetiver. 



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Leonisa Invisible Strapless Classic Shaper- Smooth Tummy

We all need a little help looking perfect in that special outfit sometimes. Leonisa has created a wonderful line of shapewear undergarments to help out those of us with a little extra cushion. Our favorite is the Leonisa Invisible strapless classic shaper seamless/no show smooth tummy shaper, which helps to shape the entire tummy area and back.

 Leanisa shapewear

Putting on shapewear can sometimes be challenging. We found getting into the Leonisa Invisible strapless classic shaper to be quite painless. The two-step directions provided by Leonisa were easy to follow. Step #1- Make sure your body is completely dry with no oils or lotions (very important!!). Step one foot at a time into the garment. Step #2 - Sit on a surface (much easier to get into when you are sitting), slide the garment one side at a time up to your knees, thighs and over your hips. Adjust until the fit is comfortable. Once the garment was on, it is quite comfortable. After a few minutes of wearing, you scarcely knew you had it on. Sitting, driving, walking, all were managed comfortably while wearing this undergarment.

We love the seamless look this shapewear garment provides. Leonisa has created SkinFuse ™, a technology which provides a seamless invisible effect under clothing. Back and side bulge disappear as soon as the garment is in place. One of the unique features of this undergarment is that the rear coverage is of a lighter material, preventing the flattened bottom look of many shapewear undergarments. We also loved the open bust design, which allows the user to wear their own bra. Straps are optional on this undergarment, allowing this undergarment to be quite versatile and able to be worn under any type of outfit. Leonisa Invisible strapless classic shaper also provides great back support and encourages a straight back and good posture.

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L'Occitane is an exceptional brand, with elegant packaging and amazing products to match. Here at Certified Fabulous we recently had the opportunity to try three of L'Occitane's beautiful fragrances and we were really enjoyed the diversity in these scents. There are so many fragrance options out there and we know choosing the right fragrance for yourself or for someone else as a gift can be a difficult process. These three scents offer a little something for everyone. 


 3 Loccitane fragrance

L'Occitane Jasmin & Bergamonte  Eau de toilette (2.5 fl oz MSRP $75.00) 

Evocative of a graceful, sensual dance, Jasmine& Bergamot Eau de Toilette offers the fragrance of a delicate flower blossoming in the light of dawn. Revealing the many facets of the jasmine flower, this eau de toilette blends absolutes from Grasse and Egypt. The addition of bergamote essential oil from Italy balances this floral fragrance with fruity notes.

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Valentine's day has come and gone but why not get a "just because" gift for your special man. We must not forget to honor and show our love to our men as well. One of the greatest gifts to get your guy is a nice shaving kit (its like a gift for yourself as well -  a well-groomed, delicious smelling man is always appreciated). I gifted my wonderful guy a J. Paul Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit (MSRP $88), and asked him for his 2 cents, which I share with you here:
J Paul resized
"I recently had the opportunity to try a new multi-step shaving process. The product was by J.Paul and was called “Anti-aging 
Daily Defense Shave Kit.” The four piece kit included a five blade travel razor, glide shave cream, ice aftershave, and a daily defense cream. All of them came in a nice leather, on-the-go kit. 
Personally I am not a fan of shaving with creams. For my money, shave gels and foams typically work better. However, the Glide Shave Cream with Aloe and Jojoba is top notch with a great ingredient base. J. Paul claims that this creme is the backbone of this line providing the closest shave possible while eliminating painful razor burn and ingrown hairs. After trying it for myself, I can’t disagree with any of their claims. It provided a very satisfactory shaving experience. 
The Alcohol Free Ice Aftershave was by far my favorite part of this kit. Far and away the best aftershave product I've ever used. J. Paul claims that this product is the result of groundbreaking research that utilizes a bio-available form of Vit. C, moisturizers, oil absorbing clay's, and of course menthol which provides the “Ice” part of this product. It certainly left my skin feeling soothed and calm. I also appreciated the scent of the product. It was a manly smell that was different and refreshing. 
The wild card in this kit comes from the high end moisturizer. It is said to contain PT3 which is a revolutionary bioactive complex that reduces protein oxidation while stimulating protein repairing enzymes. It is combined with amino acids and vitamins A, C and E to help hydrate the skin. This does seem to be a highly effective daily moisturizer. Again the scent is pleasing and the application smooth and easy.
I enjoyed these products. It was a simple regimen but also highly effective." The perfect combination for the busy guy in your life!
Some Ingredients that stood out to the Certified Fabulous Team:
Vit A resized
Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) - stimulates cell growth, increases enzyme activity and normalizes cell division.  Vitamin A counteracts the skin aging process and improve the appearance of UV-damaged skin.
 Vit c 2 resized

Sodium Asorbate (Vitamin C) - As an antioxidant, vitamin C scavenges and destroys reactive oxidizing agents and other free radicals.  Vitamin C improves skins elasticity, decreases wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis, reduces redness and promotes healing.
 Vitamin E new
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)- is an amazing antioxidant, it protects cells against free radical damage and prevents the peroxidation of body fats. Vitamin E improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin  and has excellent moisturizing properties.


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February 18th L’Occitane is launching their NEW 28 Day Divine Skincare Renewal Program.

Congratulations to Jennifer!!!!

The winner of the L'occitane 28 Day renewal Program!



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  • Robynn Harbin
    Robynn Harbin says #
    I would like to win to look more youthful. Shared on Facebook and Twitter. https://twitter.c
  • Kimberly Beauchamp
    Kimberly Beauchamp says #
    Would love to have something like this to help my skin.
  • Nicole Dziedzic
    Nicole Dziedzic says #
    Shared on Facebook:
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Have you picked up a new makeup palette over the holidays or for Valentine's Day? Maybe you received one as a gift? There are so many options for a good makeup palette to choose from, so we have simplified your choices by putting together a few makeup looks for you to try! We created these looks using Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar eye shadow palettes, two amazing palettes we all love!! 

As with any makeup look, you will want to always begin with a freshly cleansed & moisturized face. Before applying foundation, we recommend using a  makeup primer, as it helps to enhance your look and helps makeup stay in place longer. Looking for a new primer? We recommend Pür Minerals Correcting Primer - Illuminate and Glow. Not only will this help your foundation/makeup apply better, this primer will also give your skin an instant illuminating glow, helping to alleviate the appearance of  tired and dull skin. It also helps with the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and imperfections. After cleansing and moisturizing, apply to your skin, allow to absorb before applying your favorite foundation or mineral powders. We also highly recommend using a eye shadow primer as most primers will prevent your eye shadow from creasing & fading. 

mila too faced makeup with primer numbers

One of the awesome benefits of buying a Too Faced eye makeup palette, is that they come with handy little "How-To Glamour Guides." To get this beautifully soft yet smoldering eye look, follow these steps for the "Semi-Sweet" look as outlined in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar How-To Glamour Guide:

1. Sweep Salted Caramel From Crease to Brow.

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Valentines Day is tomorrow! So for those of you who have procrastinated to the last minute, we have put together a few beautiful gift items that are sure to impress the beauty lover & the chocolate lover in your life! 

  • LAQA & Co 

    LAQA  CO nail kits
    LAQA & Co Box of Awesomeness
    includes a little of everything LAQA & co has to offer.

    Palate Cleanser Fat lip pencil
    The boss lady lip lube
    Fancypants Nail Bottle
    Wolfman lil lip

    LAQA & CO nail polish ThreeFer
    A combination of three great nail colours, including Black+Gold, Greedy Guts Vampy Red and Shimmery Burgundy. The nail colours come in stylish packaging, perfect for a gift. This nail polish pack has got you or your friends covered for any occasion.

  • Too Faced 

    Too faced chocolate eye shadow
    Too Faced The Ultimate Box of Chocolate Eye shadow Collection

    It is a beautiful collection of eye shadows that smell like delicious chocolate. The Chocolate Bare Eye Shadow Collection has natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums. The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye shadow collection has warm caramels, deep mochas, and bronzy chocolate hues.

    If you check out more Too Faced products, you’ll see there are a few items that incorporate chocolate (Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Milk Chocolate Soleil, Cocoa Powder Foundation just to name a few). While it’s a great time to purchase these items, they aren’t just out there for Valentine’s Day. According to Too Faced’s website, the Co-Founder and Creative Director, Jerrod Blandino was inspired to incorporate cocoa powder after having a chocolate facial and learning about the ingredient’s benefits at the spa. So not only are you getting a beautiful makeup pallet, which smells deliciously of chocolate, you are also benefiting from the anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder!

    Be sure to check back to Certified Fabulous on Monday for our makeup looks. 

    Theobroma Cacao resized

    If you are not familiar with cocoa powder or Theobroma Cacao Fruit Powder it contains minerals such as calcium, potassium and zinc.  Contains high levels of caffeine and theobromine which are often used to tighten the skin a reduce puffiness.

  • Too Faced

    Too faced mascara
    Too Faced -  Better Then Sex Mascara

    Give the gift of amazing lashes! This will make your lashes full, shaped and amazing. It will give you 1,944% more volume. One coat and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Two coats and they’re reaching unbelievable heights of drama. Three coats and you’ll believe in magic.

    Film-forming Polymer for smudge-proof, all day wear
    Acacia Senegal Tree Extract to nourish, thicken and lock curl in place
    Unique Peptides for the deepest, intense black possible
    1,944% more volume*
    100% saw longer lashes**
    100% saw dramatic volume**
    93% saw base-to-tip curl**
    8 out of 10 say it’s the best mascara they’ve ever used**
    3.4 out of 10 say great lashes are better than sex**
    3.1 out of 10 agree that this mascara is so good, it’s better than sex**
    Vegan Friendly
    *results observed in a clinical study.
    **results observed in a consumer study.


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Is fragrance on your Valentine's Day list this year? Looking for one to wear on that special night out? Or perhaps a gift for your best Galentine? Well in the spirit of Valentine's Day we've rounded up a set of lovely sweet & floral fragrances! We've tried them all out to ensure they smell as beautiful as their descriptions claim!


  • Soft Floral

    A soft & lovely fragrance for the everyday perfume wearer.
    Loccitane arlesenne
    Arlésienne by L’Occitane
    MSRP: $50.00 (2.5fl. oz)

    Fragrance Notes: Subtle bouquet of three flowers. Rose for grace, sweet violet for mystery, saffron for temperament. Floral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances.

    "Dries down to a clean, powdery floral fragrance, perfect for everyday wear" Certified Fabulous Team Member, Linnea.

  • Passionately Floral

    Not your typical Celebrity Fragrance. Perfect "Galentine's" gift, or keep to yourself to spice up your evening perfume. 
    Taylor Swift Incredible things resize

    Taylor Swift Incredible Things 
    MSRP: $39.50 (1.1 fl. oz)

    Fragrance Notes:

    Top: vanilla orchid, suede flower, creamy musk
    Mid: pink pepper, sparkling grapefruit and wild passion flower
    Base: white amber, intoxicating Madagascar vanilla and Haitian vetiver

    "This will appeal to mothers and daughters alike" Certified Fabulous Team Member, Sara

  • Sweet Floral

    Feel like a classic Italian Beauty searching for her dream romance with this sweet, romantic fragrance. 
    Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance resize
    Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren
    MSRP: $94.00 (3.4 fl. oz)

    Fragrance Notes: Sweet, floral, fruity, vanilla, citrus, fresh spicy

    “Passions are awoken by raspberry, Italian bergamot and juicy litchi in top of the composition; the heart encompasses seductive peony, sambac jasmine and freesia warmed with a sexy blend of black vanilla, ambroxan and iris absolute.”

  • Sweet & Fruity

    Get ready to hit the dating scene with confidence with this fruity & musky fragrance. 
    Flower Sultry by Drew Berrymore double
    Flower by Drew Barrymore
    MSRP: $24.98 (1 fl. oz)

    Fragrance Notes: fruity, sweet musky, patchouli. For a joyful confident and strong feel.

    "It is really pretty and something I can wear every day" Certified Fabulous Team Member, Stacey

  • Sweet & Sexy

    Take your seduction up a notch with this candied & spicy fragrance.
    Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal resize
    Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal
    MSRP: $72.00 (2.5 fl. oz)

    Fragrance Notes:

    Top: candied apple, juicy pear and pomelo
    Mid: jasmine sambac, gardenia Brazil NP and tuberose fleur firnat
    Base: cashmere wood, vanilla, marshmallow and soft musks

    "A fun perfum that you can wear day to night" Certified Fabulous Team Member, Jessie 

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