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Be Legendary in Primrose...

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I have a nice full set of lips, but never really wear lipstick. I love a nice gloss, or a nice chapstick, but when it comes to my lips, I prefer more function (soothing moisturization) to color. Then I was given Smashbox’s Be legendary Lipstick in Primrose, and I am now a lipstick lover after receiving so many compliments on my pretty pout.

As modern civilizations started to make rapid advances in technology and chemistry, the first manmade lipstick appeared as a cosmetic tool for the wealthy women and men of ancient Mesopotamia, Indus Valley Region and Egypt. Egypt especially managed to advance the art of lipstick making, managing to produce bright red carmine lipstick that are made from cochineal insect pigments, which is a timeless technique that is in use even today. Those lipsticks were made from powdered and processed bodies of cochineal insects or purple extracts of seaweed, mixed with various oils and waxes. History books will forever remember various important Egyptian figures that were depicted in their hydrographic images with various cosmetic enhancements – Nefertiti’s black eyeliner or Cleopatra’s bright red lips. Thankfully today there are rules against using insect parts in our skincare and makeup. The thought of smearing bug guts on my mouth is enough to make me retch.

Be Legendary Lipstick in Primrose is the perfect daily wear lipstick. The color is neutral, butSmashbox Be Legendary Lipstick 6.17.2013 e828e34c831c5d2a282b61e5064c7f67 bright enough to be worn for day or night. Primrose can be described as a neutral dusty rose shade, with more pinks than reds or oranges. I have a more olive skin tone, so pinks work well on me. This lipstick applies smoothly, and does not feel slimy or greasy like some others. It has amazing staying power. The night I wore it out for the first time I was quite liberal with my kisses, and managed to not smear anyone’s cheek or clothing. I got plenty of compliments on the shade, which is always the best indicator for how well a color looks on ones face. I truly love this lipstick and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good neutral shade that works well with any look, day or night.



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Stacey is an outgoing herbalist, spa frequenter, and a self-proclaimed beauty historian! She is the most recent addition to Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. and gives you weekly insight into the past and present of your beauty must haves!  

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