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Australia Knows What A Man Wants & Just in Time for the Holidays!

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Coming from the ‘Land down under’, the good people over at Vitaman have a grasp on the needs of the modern man. They sell items that each man should have in his grooming kit.  From soaps and shave crèmes to body oils and hair tonics. They have a wide range of exotic goods to use and enjoy. This time around, I will be looking at a few key items for the man on the road to keep him relaxed and looking good.

The first box from Vitaman is their Travel Essentials Face. The first thing that people look at when you walk into a room is your face. If you are a man traveling for business, or pleasure, the last thing you want to do is look road warn and grimy. This is where the Vitaman line of cleansers comes in and saves the day. The trifecta of cleanser, toner and moisturizer combine to give you the tools needed to refresh your face and keep it sharp while on the go.

  • Face and Body Cleanser Cleans deep into the pores to brighten the skin.
  • Toner Tonic Removes excess oils from the skin and reduces shine.
  • Moisturizer – Replenishes the skin and locks in moisture to keep the skin healthy.


The kit delivers excellent results with a light scent that I would describe as spicy and woodsy. Mostly due to ingredients like witch hazel, lemon myrtle and tea extracts. Results that help to strip away the rigors of the past day and hone your face for the next days battles. Really, that is what face and skin care is all about: cleansing us of the days past and getting us ready for the future. While on the road that is no easy task, but Vitaman offers an advantage to the jet-set male. Fresh and clean from a compact three bottle travel kit….Definitely a space saver and a face saver while out in the world.

vitaman Travel Essentials Face and Body Cleaner certified fabulous mens grooming hugh jackman

While traveling, the stressed of the day can begin to wear on the modern man. Catching flights, making hotel arrangements, all while being mentally acute for meetings and work tasks is not an easy thing.  But as modern men in the daily battle of the working world, we face these struggles every day and need something to unwind that the end of it all.  This is where Vitaman steps up and offers a little massage kit to help.  The Travel Essentials Massage kit is designed specifically to aid in relaxation and stress reduction.

This kit comes with two items to release those knots that have been in your shoulders at the office. One is a massage oil with a rich earthy scent and the other is a fresh aromatic candle. The massage oils is amazing in the hand of a professional masseuse (yes, I took these items to a masseuse to test them. It was a sacrifice that I make for you, the reader. I will spare no expense or torture to bring a solid review to you). The candle, on the other hand, is a bit more interesting. It is not just meant for a therapeutic aroma (which it does provide). The candle is also a hot massage ‘oil’ that is poured on the skin. I can honestly say that a massage with oil was wonderful, but a massage with heated oils….ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

The combination of oils makes this the perfect complement to a massage at the end of a hard day. The rich scent of citrus and cinnamon help to disconnect you from the constantly wired world. The soothing heat of the oils releases tense muscles and melts the stress from the daily fight.  Every man should add a massage to their routine, at least every month. In doing so, I recommend using these oils from Vitaman…They are a catalyst for pure relaxation.

VitaMan Travel Essentials Massage

Vitaman provides purity and relaxation to modern men as they bounce around the world. They do this well and with unique products that are powerful and subtle at the same time. I have enjoyed using their products and look forward to trying more of their wide array of tonics, crèmes, and lotions. I recommend trying a taste of the land of kangaroos, surfing, and shrimp on the BBQ….They know what they are doing :)

VitaManTravel Essentials All Kits Boxes


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Nathan is a modern male that takes pride in his overall health and appearance.  Working in both the creative field of independent film as well as the fast paced world of IT, he works hard and values products that can keep up with his busy lifestyle.  Bouncing back and forth from the professional offices of the University of Maine and sets and streets of the Portland independent film scene, Nathan has always kept a close eye on grooming products for the modern male that allow him to look his best in any situation.   He applies his keen experience with these products to providing clear and helpful input to those fashion forward men looking for a little advice.

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