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Age Like Wine, Not Milk

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Hello Fabbers and Welcome to our favorite day of the week.  Ok, well maybe it's just my favorite day of the week.

It seems like the new buzz words are "anti-aging".  It can be in the foods that you eat or the products that you put on your face and body.  Recently in an article written for Skin, Inc., it is estimated that the Anti-Aging Industry will reach a $5 billion high by the year 2015.  There are so many products and so many choices, how do you know?

I recently came across a company called January Labs,  Their products are formulated to reduce the signs of aging thru meticulously choosing the correct ingredients. I love their Moisture Balancing Lotion.  I am very sensitive to what I put on my face.  Will it make my skin to oily or does the fragrance linger for too long and make me nauseous?  This lotion is light enough to wear every day- even on hot days and is relatively fragrance free.  When I looked at the list of ingredients, i thought, "Oh my... all those oils are they going to make me break out."  Negative, fellow fabbers.  Each oil has a specific job to do.  Like the Linseed Oil, helps to rejuvenate and revitalize skin that is lacking Omega-3.  And avocado oil aids in replenishing skin that may be too dry from harsh exposure (hello Winter).

But my down right  absolute favorite product from January Labs, is their Glow and Go, exfoliating mask.  This is such an amazing product and I'm so excited to tell you about it.  At first I read exfoliating ... and I automatically thought, almond seed or some sort of bead to scrub up my face.  Nope!  This mask is simply applied to the face and acts just like a mask and in 10-15 minutes you remove for a radiant new face.  I can see why this product is one of their top sellers.  My pores were clean.  My skin looked as if I was 10 years younger.  I couldn't believe how amazing this product is.

Remember age is a matter of the mind and beauty comes from the heart.


Until next week my friends.

Beckie B

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