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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

A Shaving Superhero Made to Leave You Flawless!

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Today it finally felt like summer is actually around the corner. It was a possibility to wear a dress today, with no tights, and not freeze. That's a pretty exciting day when you live in Maine. While I was looking at my short dresses, skirts & shorts, I realized that showing off my legs, will mean keeping up with shaving more often. Even though I still shave year round, I put a little more effort into in during the summer. But lets face it, shaving is annoying. It's easy but doesn't last that long, and with razor bumps or skin irritation, it can be a bit frustrating during the warmer, skin barring months.

So with these thoughts in mind, I'm quite happy to have whish: flawless ingrown hair serum, post wax & shave serum. This little serum will solve your shaving woes and ensure you have flawless skin to show off this summer. After your shower or post hair removal, massage a small amount of this serum into your bikini area, underarms, or any other problem areas. I tend to get razor bumps on my legs, so I apply this serum after I shower and I have seen great improvement in my skin. Those little irritation bumps have diminished significantly and my skin appears overall smoother. This serum calms and soothes irritation and will address those bumps and ingrown hair for smooth, bright skin this summer. 
whish flawless post wax and shave serum Ingrown Hair Serum certified fabulous

The serum formula does not contain any alcohol or skin-drying ingredients, and is all natural & organic, so it is truly soothing and beneficial for your skin. Another great aspect: this serum contains Papaya Extract that helps weaken hair follicles and inhibits future hair growth. I truly am shaving less often after using this serum; I can go a whole week with just a little bit of hair growth appearing before I shave again. Before using this serum, I would need to shave every other day, which did not help keep my skin calm and smooth. 

whish: flawless - ingrown hair serum, post wax & shave serum is one of my essential products for the summer. If you're experiencing any frustrations with shaving (irritation, ingrown hairs, quick re-growth), I highly recommend giving flawless a try! 


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