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A Giveaway Winner Gives His Manly Review!

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After winning the opportunity to try out PRIMAVERA’s Relaxing Lavender Vanilla Body Wash, I was both excited and afraid to use it.  Perhaps it was some sort of inner struggle with myself against smelling floral and sweet.  Perhaps it was the idea of my Axe Body Wash being jealous...  At any rate, I did in fact use this body wash and enjoyed it enough to continue using it.

Two key points about this product are 100% fact.  The first of which is the soothing properties of the lavender vanilla scent.  At first opening the bottle I was taken aback by how strong the fragrance was.  (In fact I was scared I was going to smell like a summer garden for the next month or two ;-p)  After using the product, I found that this intensity of aroma was perfect for creating a warm and relaxing ambiance during my shower.  It is aroma therapy at its finest.  I will also note that the scent is light enough after showering that it doesn't knock people over with a lavender cloud afterwards, which is a plus from a male perspective.

04202013 Primavera Relaxing Body Wash Certified fabulous

The second key feature I enjoy about this product is the smoothness of my skin after showering.  Some of the cheaper moisturizing products I have tried in the past have made my skin feel oily to the touch; this is not the case with the PRIMAVERA body wash. The key oils used in this body wash left me with a feeling of having locked moisture into my skin, NOT a feeling of being greasy.  Two thumbs up for the pampering nature of the oils in this product! :-)

I left the shower with a refreshed feeling and a sense that I had done something beneficial to my body.  This, I think is the way that one should feel after a nice hot shower at the end of a stressful day.  I want to thank Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. for the free product and I hope to win some more items to try out in the future!


Nathan Thomas Horn

Graphic Designer / IT Professional

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