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A Celebrity Hideaway Revealed at The Legendary Waldorf Astoria!

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The historically famous Waldrof Astoria is a very well known name among many people from all over. It has been featured in many movies such as Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez and Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, as well as popular TV shows such as Gossip Girl and Mad Men. 

Everyone knows that it is a top location for celebrity sightings too! An interesting fact I learned while touring the hotel was that it is virtually impossible to stalk a celebrity staying at the Waldorf Astoria because the hotel has private entrances with a separate check-in desk and hidden passages to be able to go up to their rooms undetected! If you want to stay at a highly populated place but be invisible, this hotel is for you...with a high price tag of course. This lavish and decadent hotel upholds it's historic name with unmatched customer service helping you with anything and making sure you get anything you ask for!

ny waldorf astoria lobby and clock 8 856Upon entering the building I was very intimated by the size and overwhelming glitz of every room. The building is massive and they have so many rooms leading up to the check-in desks. The lobby is decadent and appears to be never ending as it is bustling with people. It is a bit complicated to figure out where everything is and I had no idea where The Guerlain Spa was located, but I didn't have to wait long at all as a guest services woman in a pristine uniform came to ask me if I needed help. I had told her about my appointment at the Guerlain Spa and she immediately set off to get me taken care of. The woman returned back to me and told me where the spa was located and how I could get the via the elevator. The building may be a maze but at least they have an efficient number of staff placed around to help out at any moment! That in itself made me feel comfortable and special and the intimidation melted away. 

Waldorf Astoria New York Certified Fabulous Image 2 2

Once off the elevator I was greeting by the Guerlain Spa staff and once checked in I was brought to the sitting area to unwind. The sheer elegance and beauty of the place is indescribable and I saw just staring at the perfect room I was sitting in as the fragrance in the air calmed down my city adrenaline. I was even given a mimosa, which added to the relaxation and comfort of the room as the elegant chandelier sparkled over the fresh roses around the room. The couches were separated by sheer curtain walls that added even more privacy to the experience. The Spa Director, Angela Portella, came to see how everything was and I was able to chat with her about the Guerlain Spa and all it's glory. Ms. Portella was a very presentable woman that was extremely warm and friendly which made me feel immediately comfortable surrounded in a place of perfect beauty. I was given a tour of the many suite rooms offered at the spa depending on the type of service requested. They have couples suites and single room suites and these rooms are all fully equipped with full bathrooms, products to freshen up with, chairs or couches and the massage tables. The floor even offered a private gym that I was told many celebrities and Presidential guests take advantage of!

Waldorf Astoria New York Certified Fabulous Image 3 2I was then brought into my private spa suite, making it easy for any stars to hide out undetected. I met my message therapist and she had showed me where my rob and slippers were in the closet so I could change. Once she left the room I changed and sipped my mimosa as I took in the breathtaking splendor of the suite and all the elegant and elaborate essence the room had. I felt completely like an A list celebrity preparing for the red carpet! When my masseuse came back she had a mini iPod and asked me what type of music I would like to have playing. Once I selected my smooth jazz option she told me that the massage bed was heated and ready for me to get under the blankets. Before she left she asked if I needed anything or if I wanted to charge my cell phone. I handed her my cell phone and she plugged it up to be charged right away. Service that offers you thing you wouldn't think to ask! WOW. She again left the room and I disrobed and slipped into the sheet and blanket on the heated plush table which immediately warmed me like my favorite electric blanket. She knocked on the door and entered the room, always addressing me by my last name, which felt very official...I guess I could of said she can just call me Jessica, hah. 

Waldorf Astoria New York Certified Fabulous Image 1 2

I was asked what scent of oil I would like and how I would like the pressure of the massage and I opted for the deep tissue. She had also asked me which areas I needed more focus on, which I thought it was perfect for them to tailor each massage to the individual. I started the massage laying face-down and the masseuse professionally placed the sheet discreetly over me and made me feel comfortable at all times when she adjusted the sheet for different stages of the massage. The massage ended after an hour and I had ended it face up. The masseuse gave a full body massage and I felt like a happy pile of mush when she was done...let me tell you, she had amazingly strong hands for a tiny framed woman! All of my aches and pains and stiffness has been molded out of me and I felt like I could of just laid there all night! The masseuse told me I had 30 minutes to shower and freshen up. So, unfortunately I had to revive myself at some point :) 

waldorf astoria guerlain spaBefore she left the shower was turned on for me at a perfect temperature and the rainfall shower-head was delightful. I rinsed off then primped myself in front of the vanity exploring all of the products they offered, which were the spa's own collection! I felt like royalty and never wanted to leave this fairy-tail! As my time came to a close I stepped out of my suite and was immediately greeting again by my masseuse who handed me a glass of water. I wish I could live here! I hated to go and my experience was more than I could of ever dreamed of...I was a celebrity for a day! I must have this experience all the time! I either have to work harder at my goal of becoming an actress or marry a millionaire ;) 

My words seem to not give the overall experience enough justice, but I tried. If you are ever in NYC or want to plan any sort of special event with your lover or group of friends, you MUST make the Guerlain Spa at The Waldorf Astoria your #1 choice! You will not regret it for a second! 


Thank you Waldorf Astoria and the Guerlain Spa for making my trip to NYC a memorable one! 




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    ss Sunday, 07 April 2013

    Sounds amazing! What body oil products were used in your massage?

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  • Jessica
    Jessica Monday, 08 April 2013

    Guerlain Super Aqua Body cream and Primavera aromatic oils were used in the massage treatment! The Team is gearing up for Primavera brand week April 15th - 21st so be on the lookout for our articles telling you all about their AMAZING products they offer besides the aroma oils :)

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