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8 Easy Techniques for Ombre Nails

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This week’s topic of Winter Beauty Trends leads me to the subject of ombre nails.

The ombre technique is so easy and the results are absolutely fantastic, you just have to give it a try!

Things you need to create your own ombre nails:

            Your favorite base coat + two or three polish colors (your choice – mix, match, and have fun!)      

            Cosmetic sponges and scissors    

            Top coat and nail polish remover

Steps you need to follow:Ombre nails

1) Apply your favorite base coat and let it dry.

2) Apply a coat of the lightest color you are using for the ombre effect OR apply white polish and let it dry.

3) Repeat step two with the same color.

4) I cut the sponge to the width & length of my nail. Then I painted the sponge with three different colors. Each band of color of the polish was about ¼ in wide. I let the colors overlap some but not too much.

5) Stipple to your nail, rolling the sponge from side to side on your nail. You will most likely have to repaint the sponge and repeat the stippling over again until you have the desired effect and shade you’re looking for. When you repeat make sure to paint the sponge with same color polish in the same areas as before. When you’re re-stippling   try to align the sponge to your nail to match your last stipple. You don’t have to be perfect here as ombre is all about shading.

6) Clean any excess polish off with polish remover.

7) Apply your favorite top coat and let it dry

8) Admire and enjoy your new look!!

Remember take time to enjoy life

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SKIN TYPE: Combination / Mature

HAIR TYPE: Shoulder Length, Oily, Straight

HAIR COLOR: Colored Reddish Brown.

COMPLEXION TYPE: Fair with pink undertones. Prefers a cool color pallet.


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