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6 Hair Care Solutions for Wild & Frizzy Summer Curls!

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To all my curly haired friends!  If you are looking for some new products to tame your curly frizzy hair during these hot summer months I have found a few to help! If you haven’t tried Yves Rocher products yet I highly recommend it.  Yves Rocher explores the most powerful active ingredients of botanicals to offer high-quality, custom solutions for every skin and hair type.  Another great thing about this company is they respect the environment, control and reduce their impact on the environment from the plant to your skin. If I can I like to buy from companies who are environmentally friendly, I was really excited to try their curly hair product line.

Yves Rocher Curl Shampoo and conditionerTo start with the basics if you have curly locks like mine try the YVES ROCHER Bouncy Curls Shampoo and Bouncy Curls ConditionerThe ingredient Baobab leaf extract is known for keeping curls beautifully defined. The shampoo and conditioner will give your hair resistance to humidity and frizz as well as keep the softness to your curls but also keep them defined. The smell of these two products is amazing and the feel of my hair after was great.

YVES ROCHER Curls sculpting sprayYVES ROCHER Curls Sculpting Spray for Curly hair which is great.  It will help define your curls without leaving them stiff. The sculpting spray also has the Baobab leaf extract to help define the curls. This is a great sculpting spray to keep your curls looking amazing all day. What I enjoyed most about this spray is that I could still run my fingers through my hair without my fingers getting caught yet my curls stayed strong.

 I love my curly hair but sometimes the frizz is a pain in the you know.  YVES ROCHER Smoothing Milky Serum 48 H Anti-Frizz is a amazing way to get rid of frizz without leaving your hair feeling greasy.  It left my hair looking smooth and soft.  The Gombo bean is attributed to the effectiveness of this smoothing serum. I love the smell and the smooth look of my hair after using this product! If you are having a frizzy day and need a quick solution this is a great fix.
YVES ROCHER Hair repair oil

I have done plenty of damage to my hair over the years from blow drying, to flat ironing to dying. Yves Rocher has some products you can use to repair all the torture we have put our hair through to make it feel soft and amazing like after I new hair cut.  YVES ROCHER Hair Repair Oil is enriched with restorative Babassu Oil and Macadamia Oil to nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair. You simply apply to your hair about 10 min prior to washing and then rinse out. I love it because it is so easy to use. Being working mom of a 1 year old I down have time to do lengthy treatments. I was really happy with how easy and effective this was to use. There is also a  YVES ROCHER Nutri- Repair Mask. This is enriched with nourishing Jojoba oil and reparative Organic Shea Butter that nourishes the hair fiber and repairs its surface to sooth it.  This strengthens the hair and will help regain suppleness, vitality and will be incredibly soft to the touch. This is paraben free, silicone free, and colorant free. I love both of these treatments and if your looking for a easy to use mask or oil I recommend trying these. They made my hair feel rejuvenated and smooth in a short amount of time.

YVES ROCHER Nutri - Repair Mask




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