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4 Beauty Basics to Get You Ready to Be Seen on the Holidays!

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Keratin Complex Straight Day On-the-Go Kit

Includes: Keratin Enhanced Styling Spray, Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner & Volumizing Shampoo Lift Powder 

Kits are awesome.  Who wouldn’t want a kit which includes manageable sizes of the standard products you use on a regular basis.  We all need to shampoo and condition our hair. Depending on the length, hair type and any other individual need and preference, the frequency one shampoos is a matter of preference.  I myself have curly hair and shampoo on average once every 4 days. A  kit which addresses my needs,  if I so choose to rock straight locks for any given period of time is particularly of interest to me.  Which is why I HAD to try Keratin Complex Straight Day Keratin Enhanced Styling Spray, Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner & and Volumizing Shampoo Lift Powder On the Go Kit.

Keratin Complex on the go kitThis 4 product kit addresses the basic needs required for successful hair straightening.  The number one reason to “go straight” is that although the initial time investment is there, once my hair is straight, the daily styling routine has been simplified enormously. Shampoo and Conditioner are essential, in order to maintain the style, its best to start off clean.  We all know that hair will look better the next day, since the natural oils will infuse the hair, smoothing out the style to a certain extent.  However, thoroughly washing and conditioning hair will allow for longer periods between cleansing.  Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, in a generous, although still TSA friendly bottle will last for about 6-8 shampoos.  The Keratin-enriched formula nourishes the hair, and is also sodium chloride free.  Perfect for color treated hair, the gentle cleansing helped to soften and smooth my hair, making it more manageable. The Keratin Complex Conditioner was also amazing, its thick rich formula works with the Keratin Complex Shampoo.  My hair was left soft and smooth after blow drying

Step 2 is Straight Day, Keratin Complex Styling Spray.  It is so important to protect hair when using heat elements on the hair.  The use of a nourishing styling spray will help not only make the task of flat ironing  easier, hair will experience less breakage as a result of the nourishing aspects of the styling product.  Included in this comprehensive kit, this styling spritz is just the product to help avoid damage from heat styling tools.  Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Straight Day Keratin Enhanced Styling spray is triple action.  The formula contains UV protection. It is also anti humectant, meaning it helps to combat the effects of humidity by repelling moisture form the outer shaft of the hair, which just leads to frizzies.  Used after shampooing, but before blowdrying, extended use of this product resulted in softer, more manageable hair.

My absolute favorite product in this kit is Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo.  This product helps me rock my straight hair an additional full day.  A full day of my hair flowing free around my shoulders.  You know the day before the day you are allowed a ponytail, and in some instances a hat even.  After day 4 or 5, I must absolutely break down and shampoo again, repeating the entire process.  Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder is great in that it revives my straightened hair by absorbing oil and providing lift to the hair at the root, extending my style while working to nourish my hair. 

If you are looking for a kit for the purpose of simplifying to regime with easy to manage, TSA appropriate sized products, I would highly recommend this kit. 

Hairmax Activator

Hairmax collection resizedI feel terrible for people with greasy hair.  You know who you are.  My daughter is one of these people, every other day her hair must be shampooed, preferably twice, or her hair becomes so greasy it looks as though it were wet, like she had just been swimming.  I have the opposite problem.  My hair is so dry, and I have to use some sort of styling product in my hair, which can create scalp buildup.  I’m always on the lookout for such products to help alleviate my concerns, and was pleased to find a product which can be used to target both my and my daughter’s unique scalp concerns.

Hairmax Activator is a unique product in that it was formulated to address scalp health.  I am familiar with scalp nourishing prducts on the market for use by those who experience hair thinning and baldness, but had yet to find a scalp conditioner for those with oily and/or dry hair.  Hairmax Activator is an amazing liquid serum developed especially for the scalp.  I find it best to apply the serum after washing my hair, once it has been towel dried.  I have used this product in my dry hair, but prefer the efficacy of this product when used in my damp hair. The use of this leave-on serum resulted ina more nourished feeling scalp.  After 2 applications (in a 5 day period where I washed my hair twice, using the serum after each cleansing) I noticed a significant difference in the health of my scalp.  The usual buildup I typically experience after 4 days of washing was noticeably less.  My scalp felt rejuvenated after each immediate use, and nourished and fortified over an extended time period.


Deborah Lippmann nail Polish – “Im Not  Edible”

deborah lippmann Im not ediableAs the mother to 2 young girls, I spend a considerable amount of time handling the health and hygiene of others.  My biggest pet peeve is long, dirty fingernails. I find it easiest to facilitate hand and nail hygiene if I make a game out pf it, and provide my girls with the occasional full service manicure.  A cool and fun new polish adds to the excitement without breaking the bank, because after all, an at-home manicure is truly an economical way to spend quality time with my beloved daughters.

This weeks treat came in the form of Deborah Lippmann’s “Im Not Edible” nail polish.  This bubblegum pink polish has round bits of black, sparkly glitter.  My youngest daughter gravitated towards this girly shade, and was tickled by the edgy black glitz which sets this polish apart from the usual girly pink.  This polish went in smoothly, the glitz was evenly dispersed allowing for easy application.  I could not find my clear topcoat polish, which did not prove to be an issue as the glitter in this formula was not at all chunky did not add texture to the overall finish of this polish.  Two coats was all we needed, which is imperative for a mom who has to encourage minimal movement until polish has dried, a lesson learned the hard way.  Check out Instagram for a picture of my daughter Amelia’s polished nails on Instagram for a look at the actual product!!


Londontown Lakur Enhanced Color: “Save the Queen”, “Cockney Glam” & “Changing of the Guards”

Londontown lakur colourI have never been to London.  I have been places, more than some, less than others.   Travel is a many splendor thing, especially when it’s done abroad.  The closest I have come to England was a canoe trip to Scotland, but that story requires a bottle of wine and some Haggis.  I am acquainted with people form Londontown, they are always quite proper and consider me to be a bit “cheeky”, but in a good way (I hope). I experienced a daydream, into what a day in London might be like, sort of clearing my head whilst playing with polishes.  Londontown Lakur in “Save the Queen”, “Cockney Glam” and “Changing of the Guards” helped to fuel my daydreams, well,  that and the polish fumes,  helped to clear my head after a strenuous day at the office.

“Save the Queen” is another great shade of polish from Londontown Lakur.  For me, the queen is  Kate Middleton (someday of course), I just love her.  My sweety is a Prince William look–alike (no joke), my crush from forever.  Who doesn’t adore Kate, I have loved her from the start as well, she is such a doll..and that baby!! Goodness.  “Save the Queen” is a muddy (in a rich, earthy good way), purple hue perfect for fall.  Bordering on a deep brown (a picture of my mani is on Instagram), “Save the Queen” is just enough purple to satisfy my crazed purple obsession, while still muted enough for the office and day to day, “matches everything” nail color.

“Cockney Glam” received the most compliments of the three (photo also available on Instagram).  This deep, shimmery purple is almost black it so dark of a color.  Perfect for fall and winter, this rich, dark purple also matches anything you would want to wear. 

“Changing of the Guard” was reserved for my toenails.  A beautiful, vibrant red, “Changing of the Guard” is a power house color.  Im sure this classic red was named for the similarity it carries with the color of the jacket worn by the guards outside Buckingham Palace (at least that is what I imagined during my own personal “changing of the gurard”, i.e getting rid of summers pale pink toesies in favor of  a much deeper color on my toes.  When a rich vibrant red is preferred, when the toes are only seen by my Prince William look- alike sweetheart , this choice is best.  Red on the hands for this old, soon-to-be married (hopefully) gal, is a bit racy, so I saved this one for my toes.  This shade is perfect for hands, when a classic red nail is preferred as well, although not as versatile as the others colors mentioned.

Londontown Lakur lends a high end polish experience.  Two coast was all it took to ensure full coverage and a beautiful finish.  I enjoy changing my polish frequently, as needed, and never bother with the recommended base coat/top coat.  Londontown Lakur offers a wide variety of colors, all with kitchy names such as “Cheeky Noir” and “To the Queen” as well as many other perfectly named options.  The extensive color choices, paired with the great coverage and shine, as well as wear ability makes Londontown Lakur a great choice for those gals who enjoy taking a quiet moment to themselves while pampering their hands and feet (or if you are lucky like me, your Prince William Look-alike will do your feet for you :)


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