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3 Ways to Improve Your Cuticles!

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Your Cuticles are extremely important to the healthy growth of your nails. The cuticle covers the base of your nail where the growth is generated. That being said, it’s very important that the growth area under your cuticles stays healthy.  

 1) Practice gently pushing your cuticles back:

Don’t push too hard as you want to avoid injury or irritation to your nail growth area. Some people use a wooden orange stick. I use a soft emery board that was designed to buff the nail. I gently push back on my cuticles once a week when I do my manicure.  

 2) Keep your cuticles soft:

The cuticle is just skin. If your cuticles appear dry or cracked, they need to be moisturized. Any lotion you would use on your hands you can use on your cuticles. Just add a dab of your favorite lotion to your cuticle area and gently massage in. When I wash dishes I wear gloves. The gloves keep my hands / cuticles away from the dehydrating agent in the dish detergent. If you use nail polish remover make sure that its acetone free. The acetone is a drying agent that can wreak havoc with your cuticles. 

 3) Don’t cut your cuticles:

Medical experts tell us not to cut our cuticles, as the cutting process increases the chance for bacterial infections in the nail growth area. Doctors see many patients who’ve ended up with a bacterial infection after having their cuticles cut. These infections are unsightly and uncomfortable. When you have your nails done in a salon they are most likely going to cut your cuticles. Beware... some salons have unsanitary practices when it comes to the sterilization of their equipment. Remember that you’re the customer, request that they moisturize your cuticles and push them back gently and skip the cutting. 

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Remember take time to enjoy life! 


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