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13 Hair Bleaching Questions Answered by Celebrity Stylist Naz Kupelian!

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 I Had SO Many Hair Bleaching Question, Especially After I Took the Plunge (I know, better late than never though...right?)

Our Friend, Celebrity Hairstylist Naz Kupelian Gave Me Answers!

1.       If you want to bleach your hair at home is there a proper way to do it with minimal damage or should you always go to the salon and have a professional do it?

 Always have a professional do all chemical services to maintain the integrity of the hair.

2.      How many times can you bleach your hair consecutively?

 Depends on quality of hair ( prior chemical services, porosity etc...)

3.      Should you bleach your hair clear or unwashed?

 If the roots need a bleach application the scalp will be less irritated on unwashed hair.

4.      Is it possible for all hair colors to achieve a platinum blonde color?

 Yes with care and patience!

5.      How do you get the orange & yellow tones out of your bleached hair?

 Tone with ash or beige toners.

6.      What is the best after-bleach treatment to use on your hair to get it soft and not brittle?

 Deep condition with nutrients and oils to replenish what has been removed from the chemical treatment.

7.      What is happening to your hair when you bleach it? How does it turn hair lighter?

 Persulfate in the lightener (bleach) causes the pigment in the hair to "lift".  It will go thru the stages of color dark to light.  Example: Brown, red, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, yellow (blonde)

8.     Why do your roots pick up the bleach faster/ better than the other parts of your hair?

 Hair at the root is the newest.  If you color your hair the regrowth is considered "virgin" no color has been added yet. This is what you see in between color appointments "the roots”. Also natural heat from the scalp helps process the chemical too.

9.      Any tips or tricks that would be useful/ beneficial / less damaging when wanting to lighten your hair?

 Be very aware of the current condition of the hair.  Do not over process. That might mean you have to let the hair "rest” a couple of days deep condition in between the next application.

10.   Why do violet shampoo / conditioner take out brassy tones? Does it work?

 Violet is the opposite of yellow on a color chart.  That is why it will help neutralize yellow tones.

11.   Why do celebrities change hair color so much but not have damaged hair…ever??

 Celebrities use extensions, wigs etc to hide damaged hair.  Plus the camera can do wonders to hide many flaws. (hehe, we won't tell :)

12.   How can you tell if going blonde is right for you?

 Sometimes slowly going lighter can help you see where you like it and allow yours a chance to adjust to the new you!

13.  Is it hard to maintain platinum blonde hair when the roots grow in? Do you always have to bleach hair to maintain the color?

 No it is not difficult, but does it is maintenance!


 Thanks Naz!!!!



About the Naz Kupelian Salon & Spa:


Naz Kupelian Salon & Spa offers clients the finest service in an elegant and comfortable salon located in Lexington, MA. The salon presents a fresh and modern perspective on hairstyling and spa services. Rusk Celebrity Hair Stylist, Naz Kupelian has been forever dedicated to the evolution of the craft and to the art of hairdressing. Naz serves on the elite design team for RUSK© International creating the newest trends and techniques in the hair industry.

With over twenty years of experience, Naz opened his salon ten years ago determined to redefine the salon experience. Naz Kupelian has been invited to travel all over the world demonstrating the newest hair techniques and styles at hair shows and conventions. Naz's work has appeared in numerous trade publications and fashion magazines. The award winning salon of highly skilled and dedicated professionals provide the newest treatments and techniques, the finest products and a wide selection of services including cutting, coloring and styling.


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