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10 Tips for Perfect Blo-Out Hair!

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Women everywhere love the treat of getting a "blo out". Especially, when you walk out of one of our Blo Blow Dry Bar locations looking fabulous, hair bouncing with every step. So how do you make that feeling and look last? Here are my 10 tips and tricks for a multi-day "blo out".

1. Have your stylist start with a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for your specific hair type. My motto has always been that a great hair day starts with a clean canvas. If your hair is oily, you do not need a hydrating shampoo plus only condition the ends.

silk pillow case blo-out certified fabulous hair tips hairstyle david babii2. When you go to bed at night, consider a silky pillow case. They allow the hair to move freely while sleeping so you can prevent flattening the volume you love.

3. For those sleek straight blo outs, take a scrunchie. Gently pull hair back into a low ponytail, twisting it loosely around to keep hair in place. For longer lengths, try wrapping coated bands mid- center and at the ends of the pony. Also, a great flat iron is a must to rid your blo out of any imperfections, humidity or daily side effects from the elements.

4. When you wake up in the morning, you can freshen your scalp several ways. For my natural beauties, create a small mixture of water and lemon juice. Then, take a cotton ball moistening it slightly, making sure to squeeze any left-over juice out. Next, gently start by cleansing the hairline followed by parting small sections and cleaning the scalp area only. This will absorb and clean away any access oils while giving your hair a fresh scent. For my busy working gals, a dry shampoo is quick and easy to use.

5. In the shower, loosely wrap your hair into a soft cotton towel to keep any moisture and humidity from seeping into your do. Shower caps are great but I feel they tend to flatten your hair and cause your head to sweat; a cotton towel allows your head to breathe.

Velcro rollers blo-out hair certified fabulous david babii6. To refresh your volume or waves, invest in Velcro rollers (jumbo to medium sizes). Before your first cup of coffee or stepping into the shower, simply roll your fringe on a jumbo, lifting the section to a 90 degree angle so you can maintain volume. Do the same for the top, sides and back. If needed, you can add a few more. Allow the Velcro rollers to stay in for about 30 minutes, then remove and finger comb your hair into place. For beachy waves, opt for a professional grade beach spray then after spritzing, twist strands in various diameters to bring life back into your Bo-ho chic look.

7. A round brush (medium for short to chin length hair and large for longer hair) can also quickly smooth any flaws from sleeping or a shower. It can also be used to retouch your fringe. Simply use a nozzle attachment on your blow dryer to have more air concentration; then take your round brush on dry hair wrapping your fringe evenly over the brush. Follow this with a blast of hot air then a shot of cool. Roll the brush a few times if your hair has a stubborn streak to it. You can use the same technique anywhere your hair needs a quick touch-up.

8. Do not overuse products in-between blo outs. This causes the hair to not only weigh itself down but, the build-up soils your hair and scalp quicker.

headband hairstyle blo-out certified fabulous david babii9. Try not to run your fingers through your hair or play with it when bored. This increases stimulation to the scalp for unwanted oil. Also, the day-to-day soot on our hands will add some nastys.

If you wish to change your style in-between blo outs, accessories are always the easiest and fastest way to make simple alterations. A headband, decorative pins and clips plus great hair ties can do the trick. Try putting your hair to one side, in a ponytail or creating a faux bob. All these styles will still help to maintain your original blo out.



About the Authur David Babaii

David Resized headshot FINALHis story begins over 12 years ago in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower. His mom Hilda, a legendary hairdresser from London saw how unhappy he was with a degree in hotel management. As they both looked out upon the city, she told David it wasn’t too late to change careers and encouraged him to take up hairstyling. After all, as a child, David often spent Saturdays at the salon with his mom, watching her perfect her craft. The beauty industry was a major part of his life before he came of age. Upon returning home, he immediately took his new career path seriously by attending beauty school in both London and Los Angeles. As he looks back now, the simple explanation was: it was just meant to be.

After finishing school, he then embarked upon the European hairstyling scene. His imaginative creations and ability to transform a concept into a visual masterpiece quickly gained him notoriety. Within the world of haute couture, designers, fashion magazines, ad campaigns and the world’s top models, his work appeared not only on runways, but on the covers of leading fashion publications from around the world such as Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Allure, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, W, Flaunt and L’Officiel to name just a few. In fact, L’Officiel Magazine, one of Europe’s leading fashion publications, made him an Editor-at-Large to share his perspective on beauty trends with women around the world.

With his signature looks and talent gaining notoriety, David soon earned the reputation as being one of the most-in-demand hairstylists of our time. After a successful European career, he returned to the United States, where Hollywood and the celebrity arena transformed into his new home. Here he began styling many of Hollywood’s top “A” list celebrities for movie premieres, award shows, red carpet events, music videos, magazine covers, commercials, ad campaigns, movies and television appearances, transforming David into one of the most sought after talents in Hollywood today.

To date, his extensive celebrity list includes:

David’s private life centers around a passion for animals and the preservation of endangered species. He was instrumental in the development of his very own product line, David Babaii for WildAid. As the principal and founder of David Babaii for WildAid, this young passionate hairstylist teamed up with long-time friend Kate Hudson to create an innovative new brand of professional hair care products and styling tools, made from the most exclusive blend of natural and exotic ingredients. The brand quickly gained the notice of the media and consumers from around the world. His appearances on HSN earned him as a top seller, peaking audience’s attention and purchasing with his styling tips. To this day, David believes that animals bring compassion and tranquility to all life. His ardor for hair and dedication to nature characterizes his soul.

Today, David has joined with his long-time friend and client, Gwyneth Paltrow in a global partnership with Blo Blow Dry Bar. Both Gwyneth Paltrow and David Babaii will bring a re-energized model to one of the beauty industry’s most requested services: the blowout. The duo plans to fuse their philosophies and expertise together, marking them one of the first to venture into this category. Together, they will use this opportunity to extend the reach of affordable luxury and beauty worldwide.

With his devotion to animal life and a deep commitment for all women, he has made their well-being and making them feel beautiful a high priority in his career and personal life. He acknowledges their importance and how their support has made him who he is today. David has also been a spokesperson for Look Good, Feel Better. Having been personally affected by this disease with friends and family diagnosed with breast cancer, David felt the need to help.

According to David Babaii:
“Poets have written about them… Philosophers have pondered about them… Artists have painted them… Women have made me the man I am today…”


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