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10 Celebrity Scents to Fall in Love With this Valentine's Day!

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and to prepare for your night out, or your need for a gift, I have reviewed a collection of celebrity scents that will fit just about every woman in your life! Sweet to sexy, alluring to romantic THIS is the ultimate perfume overhaul! Happy V-day :) <3

Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume certified fabulous valentines day gift love romance scents review

 1) Vera Wang: Lovestruck - "All about Vera's interpretation of love, playing off of a modern twist on Romeo and Juliet. Think lovestruck lovers and the emotion and rush you feel when you are falling in love-that heart pounding, spontaneous feeling!" Meant to be feminine, romantic & spontaneous with sparkling, addicting floral scents. 

Top notes: Pink guava, mandarin
Mid notes: tuberose, lotus blossom
Base notes: precious woods, sheer musk

My review: Powdery scent with soft florals mixed in. A good day perfume, sweet and elegant.

Gift for: It's a nice friend perfume. Sends a "Just Friends" message.

Versace bright brystal perfume certified fabulous valentine day gifts romace love

2) Versace: Bright Crystal -"Inspired by a mixture of Donatella Versace's favorite floral fragrances, created to be a fresh, sensual blend of refreshing chilled yuzu and pomegranate mingled with soothing blossoms of peony, magnolia, and lotus flower, warmed with musk and amber. " Sheer. Sensual. Luminous.

Notes: iced accord, yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, vegetal amber, musk

My review: Juicy floral scent. Perfect day scent, day date.

Gift for: The classy/ preppy girl.

Philosophy Falling In Love

3) Philosophy: Falling in Love - "A delicious, sparkling berry scent, that is made to be a sensual fragrance created to embrace a woman's romantic side. Sun-ripened blackberry captivates the senses, smooth, sparkling jasmine inspires romance and vanilla melts deliciously over your skin." Fresh. Sexy. Clean.

Notes:Vanilla, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Musk, Blackberry

My Review: A light perfume that gives a hint of scent. Initial spray reminds me of candy, like a caramel flavor. A nice scent for a fun day out!

Gift for: Perfume for mom. 

Juicy Couture malibu perfume certified fabulous review valentines day gifts love romace

4) Juicy Couture: Malibu -"Reflects the free-spirited California attitude and embraces the glamorous and confident essence of L.A. Whimsical pink passion fruit merges with fresh jasmine and musk, creating a radiant and enticing fragrance that captures the casual glamour of Los Angeles."

  • Top notes: watermelon, tangerine, black currant, pink passion fruit, fresh green apples and crushed leaves
  • Mid notes: tuberose blossom, jasmine petals, wild rose, water lily and frangipani
  • Dry down: creamy musks, precious woods and tiare

My Review: Comes in a beautiful box with colors of fluorescent orange over pale pink! LOVE! It's a very sweet and girly scent. Florals with a dash of tropical. It smells like a day out shopping or taking a drive on the coast for some ocean scenery.

Gift for: Perfume for your younger sister. The High school diva. Gives a "Just having fun" vibe. 

Juicy Couture La La Malibu 2.5.14

5) Couture La La: Malibu -"Free-spirited, glamorous, confident ... you're a West Coast kinda gal. This whimsical and enticing fragrance captures the essence and attitude of cool California style they won't soon forget."

Top notes: green apple, mandarin, red currant, guava and wet petals
Mid notes: Lily of the Valley, orange blossom, frangipani and white peony
Dry down: White musk, blond woods and pink sugar crystals

My Review: This one smells more tropical with a hint of floral. A perfect perfume for the summer gal / beach bum.

Gift for: Good for an older sister. A college goer or someone in their 20s seeking adventure and learning about the world! Gives a "Just Having Fun" message. 

juicy couture noir perfume certified fabulous review valentines day gifts love romance

6) Viva La Juicy: Noir - "An enticing rendition of the original best-selling fragrance, Viva la Juicy, Noir embodies the woman who is dangerous in a good way. She likes her eyes smoky and her lips rouge. Unapologetic, she takes risks and gets rewarded. A rich interpretation of the signature Viva la Juicy scent. Noir highlights the succulent ripe berry notes and gourmand accents, while adding a juicy touch of honeysuckle and a sultry hint of sandalwood. Leave a lasting impression with this."

Top Notes: Wild Berries, Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Honeysuckle
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Caramel, Amber

My Review: A rich scent of maturity and masculinity. Dark, sensual, alluring and mysterious this is perfect for a night out and any date you want to feel seductive, this scent is powerful and will create power in you...confidence surrounds you!

Gift for: Perfect for the single woman, a budding romance or for a boost of self confidence anytime! It oozes of stability and airs the tone of a goal minded woman in her 30s. A focused and driven career climber! A star on the red carpet! 

Britney Spears Nice 2.5.14

7) Britney Spears: Fantasy The Nice Remix - “Fantasy is truly an unforgettable scent. Remixing the original notes to create new fantasy scents gives my fans and me more ways of expressing our inner fantasies - whether they’re naughty or nice.” Britney Spears

"Described as a romantic and flirty version, it is a sparkling fruity scent that blends signature kiwi accord with floral tones such as jasmine, sweet cupcake and creamy musk."

My Review: Powdery, fresh and light this is perfect for the day at work or any casual event. Girly and breezy!

Gift for: Great for the girl-next-door type. The nice girl. 

Britney Spears Naughty 2.5.14

8) Britney Spears: Fantasy The Naughty Remix - "Described as sensual, dark and exotic version, highlights jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid, sweet cupcake accord, sensual woody notes, orris root and creamy musk."

My Review: Definitely on the darker side with more woodsy scents and peppery caramel scents. It has a unique mixture of scents you won't stop smelling it to figure out the alluring yet mysterious combination.

Gift for: Attracting for sure, this is for the drama queen or girl that has to be the center of attention. The heartbreaker that likes to tease...keeping them guessing and wanting more! Sends a "Not look for a Relationship" message.

nicki minaj minajesty perfume certified fabulous valentines day gift love romance single  review

9) Nicki Minaj: Minajesty - "Rule your queendom with this captivating and sultry new fragrance."

Top Notes: red berries, lemon and peach
Middle Notes: magnolia, frangipani and orchid
Base Notes: tonka bean, vanilla and musk

My Review: Bright, sweet, uplifting and energetic. Perfect for the outgoing, social girl, the daredevil or the queen bee. The scent itself is like a magnet and will have people instantly attracted to you. Perfect for a party, club, networking/ social event or work trip/ big presentation. The scent will have peoples attention turned to you with a warming sensation that will have them in a positive vibe around you. 

Gift for: The flirty & outgoing socialite. 

OUR MOMENT One Direction 2.5.14

10) One Direction: Our Moment - "Both inspired by and dedicated to their fans. The band worked closely with fragrance experts to choose their favorite scents, ultimately creating a vibrant and playful fruity floral fragrance reflecting the essence of One Direction."

Top Notes: pink grapefruit, forest fruits and red currant
Middle Notes: freesia, jasmine and frangipani
Base Notes: woodsy Notes, patchouli and musk

My Review: Charming, polite and casual yet graceful. Pleasant and sophisticated without being snobby. A very welcoming scent!

Gift for: The giving, selfless person. Animal lover, activist and all around do-gooder. A very friendly and warm hearted soul :) A young mom or aunt. 

 Which is your favorite? 

Keep On Being Beautiful You! 

xxoo Jessica

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