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Stacey is an outgoing herbalist, spa frequenter, and a self-proclaimed beauty historian! She is the most recent addition to Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. and gives you weekly insight into the past and present of your beauty must haves!  

SKIN TYPE:  Combination

HAIR TYPE: Course, thick, naturally wavy, dry

HAIR COLOR: Dark brunette



BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: Body and face scrubs, exfoliating in general :)

Another amazing product by PRIMAVERA. I loved the facial scrub, and since trying the Neroli Cassis Cream Cleanser, I am a believer in Primavera's amazing skin care collection. This cleanser contains amazing natural (and Fair Trade) ingredients, and uses essential oils not only for the skin benefits, but also for the aromatherapy benefits as well. 

For 5,000 years, essential oils have been used for holistic healing because of their verified physical and emotional benefits. Essential oils are the 04212013 Primavera Moisturizing Cream Cleanser Certified Fabulousheart of every PRIMAVERA product. In the Cream Cleanser, the primary oil used is the Neroli essential oil. Neroli essential oil soothes dry, flaky skin while calming and balancing the senses.  Cassis Seed Oil is also present in this product, which helps seal in natural moisture.  Cassis oil also contains essential fatty acids which help seal moisture into the skin while smoothing, softening and strengthening. Cranberry Extract protects skin against free radicals.

This cleanser is packaged in a beautiful green glass bottle with a pump, which helps one use the correct amount of product. The fragrance is citrusy, and very natural.  This cleanser is very gentle, but was able to wash away my makeup without a lot of scrubbing.  I asked my hubby to try this amazing cleanser, and he really liked how his face felt very clean after cleansing, but not tight and dry. 

Not only does Primavera create amazing skincare products, every action that goes into making PRIMAVERA products is taken with consideration for the Earth and humanity. Over two decades ago, PRIMAVERA pioneered collaborative, fair trade partnerships with a worldwide community of farmers committed to environmental sustainability. It is an integral part of their mission to expand existing organic farms and actively support independent farmers as they convert from conventional to organic agriculture.

All of this considered, Primavera Neroli Cassis Cream Cleanser is an amazing product.  I look forward to seeing what else Primavera has to offer in their so far amazing skin care collection.

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I love scrubs. Face scrubs, body scrubs, I am a regular user of these products.  There is something wonderful about the fresh, cool feeling of the new skin that hides under the dull, dry, dead layer that is ever present.  Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead (yuck) skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, and has been used for many years to help maintain skin.  The Ancient Egyptians are given credit for the first documented practice of exfoliation.  In the Middle Ages, wine was used as a chemical exfoliate.  Today, thankfully, we have a plethora of scrub products to choose from, no need to waste my precious wine.

PRIMAVERA’s Sage Grape Seed Clarifying Face Scrub is by far the best face scrub I have ever used.  04152013 Primavera claryfing face scrub certfied fabulous balancingThis scrub contains lovely natural ingredients such as Grape Seeds (Antioxidant, supports healthy circulation, regenerative), Lemongrass (anti-inflammatory, oily skin balancer) and Sage Leaf extract (anti-oxidant, anti-aging).  Primavera’s mission is to “share with you the skin and sensory benefits of healing plants”.  I love when a product makes such claims, and then DELIVERS them. This scrub does so in a BIG way.

My first impression of this product upon squeezing it from the tube is that it really is natural. The natural green color is beautiful and hails to the herbs used to make this amazing scrub. The scent is fresh and natural smelling.  I used this scrub in the shower, and noticed immediately how exfoliating it is. Sometimes scrubs just don’t have enough particles, causing me to overuse the product. This scrub is thick with exfoliate, and I only needed the smallest amount for my face (although I was tempted to rub it all over my body, it is that amazing). 

After rinsing the product, I could feel the cool sensation of the fresh new layer of skin that had been revealed. My skincare regimen includes using a toner after cleansing or scrubbing to remove the last vestiges of product.  What was left on my cotton pad after toning was shocking. I could actually see the blackheads that were lifting out of my pores.  My skin has never felt so clean, fresh and new.  I have been singing praises for Primavera’s Clarifying Face Scrub, and I urge you to try!!!


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