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How to use Leave-in Conditioner?

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Leave-in conditioner can be for all hair types.  There are a number of people like me whose fine hair leaves them leary of leave-in conditioners.  The last thing you want to do after you just washed your hair (once it feels nice and clean), is to spray something in it which could make it look greasy or weighed down....

Well let me reassure you there are a number of leave-in conditioners that are great for fine hair.  I have spoken with a number of hair dressers/ stylists and specialists and one of the most common aspect of leave-in conditioner. They all promote is that it can protect the hair from all the daily streeses and abuses we do to our hair like hair drying, flat ironing, curlers, basically exessive heat.   The other comment that is commonly made is that the product itself is great, it is all about the "How" you use it.

So what I have been taught is- Be careful not to use too much

1. Wash hair as usual (just shampoo, skip the conditioner)

2. Towel dry excess moisturer from hair

3. shake conditioner well

4. Hold the bottle about 12 inches from your head

5. spray 2 to 3 sprays onto the hair

6. Make sure each spray is to a different section of your hairTRI

7. use your hands to scrunch the product and to spread it into your hair (if you have an area where may need a touch more this step is where you should do an extra 1/2 to 1 spray)

8. take a brush and delicately brush the product through

9. Now you are ready to proceed with the rest of your beauty routine :)

Marrakesch2 of my favorite leave-in conditioners are Marrakesh Leave-in treatments and detangler and TRI Leave-in Reconstructor

Enjoy your week.


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