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What Are Non-Embryonic Stem Cells & How Can They Help Your Skin?

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Lifeline Skincare is the first brand that I have come across that has stunned me with it's incredible connection to science. Not being so well versed in scientific processes - I have my basic knowledge but hit me with some specifics and I need to do some research. 

Lifeline uses the "latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology, and skin cream formulation technology to create the highest quality, scientifically tested & most effective anti-aging products." The highlight of their technology is creating human non-embryonic stem cells and taking extracts from them. Stem cells? Non-embryonic? This is some intense stuff for skincare. As I was reading their "about us" section and more about the brand, I wanted to do a little more research to truly understand this skincare and how it works. Their website offers this explanation "the non-embryonic stem cells in lifeline skincare cell serums are derived from unfertilized human eggs which are donated from in vitro fertilization labs and clinics." That's a lot to take in at first glance right? So for me to really understand this skincare line, I disected the previous explaination a little further. I want to share with you what I found so that it can hopefully help you wrap your head around this skincare line, which is one truly worth knowing and using.

In order to know what non-embryonic stem cells means, I need to know the basics of embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stems cells are typically derived from embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized in vitro-in an in vitro fertilization clinic - not derived from eggs fertilized in a woman's body ( In vitro in Latin means "in glass" - an artificial environment in this case. In vitro fertilization is a technique that fertilizes the eggs in a laboratory instead of inside the female body ( In order to obtain the embryonic stem cells - the early embryo has to be destroyed which has been surrouned with controversy as it is seen as destroying a potential human life ( So you can see where there is difficulty in controversy with embryonic stem cells and it's research. But this background helps us understand the base of Lifeline Skincare. Lifeline DOES NOT use embryonic stem cells, they use NON-embryonic stem cells (non-fertilized stem cells), and as they state, "you do not need to be concerned that a human embryo was damaged or destroyed to create these skincare products" (Lifeline). The unfertilized human eggs are donated to Lifelife (as stated above) from in vitro fertilization clinics - they key here is that they are unfertilized, allowing them to create non-embryonic stem cells.

Lifeline Night Serum 11.24.13 Certified FabulousI'll admit, I was a little timid to use the products after learning about non-embryonic stem cells as it is far different from any skincare I have experienced. But nevertheless, I did try the Lifeline Skincare Recovery Night Moisture Serum and I am so glad I did! The human non-embryonic stem cell extracts have some major benefits in this night serum. Growth factors extracted from these human non-embryonic stem cells repair skin damage, can renew skin by replacing the damage cells, and accelerate your skin's ability to repair lines, wrinkles, weak, lax or dull skin. Other key ingredients:

Antioxidants - help reduce the appearance of skin redness, fine lines & wrinkles

Vitamin B - boosts circulation and creates a healthy glow

Green Tea extract - protects the skin from sun & environmental damage

Peptides - support the structure of the skin

Safflower Seed Oil - powerful dirt & oil removing properties, helps form a moisture barrier that softens & smooths the skin

This serum goes on really smoothly, and its not too thick but still rich enough for a night cream. It has virtually no smell, and is a light buttery color. But it was when I woke up that I fell in love with this night cream. My skin was bright, smooth and had this glow from within softness. I'm hesitant to wash my face when I wake up because I'm afraid I'll mess up the lovely complexion that this Lifeline products has given me. But even after I wash and prep my skin for the day ahead, the benefits are still there. I try to use this product every evening as I love how my skin looks and feels the next day! 

If you're looking for some skin repairing products, you will find what you need in Lifeline Skincare. Although I don't have any wrinkles at my age to notice a difference in that aspect with this product, it definitely turned around my dull skin for a bright, clear complexion! The human non-embryonic stem cell extract aspect may be a lot to take in at first, but I hope you don't shy away from this brand - you don't want your skin to miss out all the benefits! 

To learn more about their products visit Lifeline Skincare online HERE


* Compensation for this post was provided by LifeLine. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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