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4 Steps for Silky, Smooth Skin All Winter Long!

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As we head further into the winter months, our dry skin will need much more attention and care. If you struggle with knowing what products to use and when, Eight Skincare has you covered with the 4-Step Rejuvenation Kit. To bring your dry dull skin back to life, follow these four steps and you'll have smooth skin all winter long. 

Eight Skincare 4 step rejuvenation kit 11.26.13 Certified Fabulous

Dry Skin Body Brushing

This brush will gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing your skin to keep the protective oil barrier. I have rather sensitive skin but I was still able to use this brush lightly and effectively on my skin. Use this dry brush before you shower - do not get the brush wet!

Eight Créme Body Wash

This body wash has natural and essential ingredients to cleanse, smooth, and moisturize your skin. The ginger-lime scent is very refreshing and stimulating. 

Eight Sugar Body Scrub

The second exfoliation step is in the shower with this blend of sugar and essential oils. This scrub will help to further exfoliate, cleanse, and revitalize your skin. Since this step is used in the shower and softened with the water and oils, it does not feel like I am over exfoliating as my skin feels renewed and wrapped in the essential oils. 

Eight Body Moisture

The last step in the rejuvenation kit is the body moisture. The essential and natural ingredients in this body moisture will hydrate and nourish your dry skin. After you shower, towel dry and apply the body moisture. You can also use this body moisture as an after-sun moisturizer, massage lotion, shaving lotion or after-shave conditioner. One of the things I like about this moisturizer is that it is not overpowering - the scent in the oils will dissipate so you do not need to worry about the scent competing with your other fragrance. 

You can use these products separately, but to maintain smooth and supple skin all winter long, follow this 4-step rejuvenation kit from Eight Skincare!



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